The Soul Express Album of the Month

March 1999

US Fahrenheit, 1998
Places - You've Made Me So Very Happy - Time Flies - Overtime - Call on Me - Show and Tell - Like Love - Our Love - Somebody - Call My Job
Honestly, I would need about the whole page to really describe how magnificent this CD is. Let me just say that if you fell in love with the sets by Marilyn Scott, Pauline Wilson or even Hillary James, then you will treat this CD as a priority. It has already earned its place in "The Class of 1999" already! With a strong soulful and jazzy voice, looking like a dead ringer of a white Jean Carne, and produced by Marion Meadows (who contributes sax, too) you will want this CD without question. Every cut is classy, with live instrumentation and lyrics that are clear, crisp and perfect phrased.
I cannot say anything bad about the album, but I can say that the bluesy number, Call My Job, is probably my least favourite. It is hard to discern a standout cut, but let me tell you that I found Time Flies a very strong emotional record due to the subject material, and the sheer quality of music that acts as a splendid backdrop. Such a sublime record that it touches the soul very deep indeed. Marion Meadows, surely, has not sounded as good as this for years.
Add to this unique cut the elevated quality cuts such as the fender rhodes laced Places and You've Made Me So Very Happy. Fans of Marilyn Scott will adore this, I just know it. Overtime is a wonderful moment, too with Tony Guerrero on trumpet which has to be heard, as does the Latinesque Call on Me - deliciously crafted. Show and Tell is drop-dead gorgeous and allows Khani to flex her vocals in no lightweight fashion. Can we take any more of this music heaven? Well, Like Love, Our Love and Somebody will probably knock you off your feet. And another thing: the more you play it, the more you love it. SERIOUSLY CLASSY AND SOPHISTICATED.

The review by Barry Towler exclusively for RECORD CORNER, which is one of the leading soul shops in the world. The review is not featured in our printed issue.

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