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Con Funk Shun Discography of Albums

Organized Con Funk Shun
US Pickwick LP 90081, 1973, reissue in 1978
No CD reissue available

A 1) Time 2) Get Down with It 3) Do You Really Know What Love Is for 4) Sure Feels Good to Me B 1) Love in Me 2) Seascape (Instrumental) 3) Funky Things on Your Mind

Con Funk Shun
US Mercury LP 1120, 1976
CD reissue by Universal, 2004, now out of print
Reissue CD by UK Robinsong/Cherry Red, 2013
Buy the reissue from our CD Shop
A 1) Music Is the Way 2) Tell Me That You Like It 3) Never Be the Same 4) Owe It to Myself 5) Foley Park B 1) Nothing to Lose By Trying 2) Forever Just Ain't Long Anough 3) Another World 4) Sure Feels Good to Me

US Mercury LP 1180, 1977
Reissue CD by US Rebound/Japanese Universal
Reissue CD by UK Robinsong/Cherry Red, 2013
Buy the reissue from our CD Shop
1) DooWhaChaWannaDoo 2) Who Has The Time 3) Indian Summer Love (Interlude) 4) Tear In My Eye 5) Ffun 6) Secrets 7) ConFunkShunizeYa 8) I'll Set You Out O.K. 9) Indian Summer Love (Instrumental)

US Mercury LP 3725, 1978
Reissue CD by EU Vinyl Masterpiece/UK Robinsong/Cherry Red, 2010
Buy the reissue from our CD Shop
1) So Easy 2) Magic Woman 3) Shake & Dance With Me 4) Make It Last 5) Love Shine 6) When The Feelings Right 7) I Think I Found The Answer 8) Wanna Be There 9) Can't Go Away

US Mercury LP , 1979
Reissue CD by JAP Universal/UK Robinsongs/Cherry Red, 2010
Buy the reissue from our CD Shop
1) Fire When Ready 2) Chase Me 3) Not Ready 4) Da Lady 5) Candy 6) (Let Me Put) Love On Your Mind 7) Main Slice 8) Images

Spirit of Love
US Mercury LP 3806, 1980
Reissue CD by US PolyGram, 1999
1) Got To Be Enough 2) By Your Side 3) Curtain Call 4) Early Morning Sunshine 5) Spirit Of Love 6) Happy Face 7) All Up To You 8) Juicy 9) Honey Wild 10) Lovestruck 1980

US Mercury LP 4002, 1980
CD reissue by Japan Universal Music 2008
CD reissue by UK Cherry Red/Robinsongs 2011 (3 on 2 set with 7/To the Max)
Buy the reissue from our CD Shop

1) Too Tight 2) Lady's Wild 3) Give Your Love To Me 4) Pride And Glory 5) Kidnapped 6) Welcome Back To Love 7) Touch 8) Can't Say Goodbye 9) Play Widit
Bonus tracks on the UK CD reissue:
10) Lady's Wild - 12" Version 11) Body Lovers - 12" Version

Con Funk Shun 7
US Mercury LP 4030, 1981
CD reissue by UK Universal (Original Funk LP Series), 2004
CD reissue by UK Cherry Red/Robinsongs 2011 (3 on 2 set with Touch/To the Max)
Buy the reissue from our CD Shop
1) Bad Lady 2) I'll Get You Back 3) Body Lovers 4) Promise You Love 5) If You're in Need of Love 6) Straight From The Heart 7) A Song For You 8) California 1

To the Max
US Mercury LP 4067, 1982
CD reissue by UK Cherry Red/Robinsongs 2011 (3 on 2 set with Touch/7)
Buy the reissue from our CD Shop
1) Ms Got The Body 2) Lets Ride And Slide 3) Everlove - 3:48 4) Hide & Freak) 5) You Are The One 6) Take It To The Max) 7) Love's Train) 8) Ain't Nobody Baby 9) T.H.E. Freak
Bonus tracks on the UK CD reissue:
Ms Got The Body - 12" Version
Ms Got The Body - Instrumental Version

US Mercury LP 814447, 1983
CD reissue by Dutch Vinyl-Masterpiece, 2007
Buy the reissue from our CD Shop
1) Can You Feel the Groove Tonight 2) Indiscreet Sweet 3) Baby I'm Hooked (Right Into Your Love) 4) Thinking about You Baby 5) Don't Let Your Love Grow Cold 6) Lovin' Fever 7) Hard Lovin'

Electric Lady
US Mercury LP 824345, 1985
CD release in Germany, 1985 but no CD reissue currently available
1) Turn The Music Up 2) Rock It All Night 3) I'm Leaving Baby 4) Tell Me What You're Gonna Do 5) Electric Lady 6) Don't Go (I Want You Back) 7) Circle Of Love 8) Pretty Lady

Burnin' Love
US Mercury LP 826963, 1986
No CD reissue currently available
1) Do Ya 2) Burnin' Love 3) How Long 4) Jo Jo 5) She's Sweet 6) She's a Star 7) It's Time Girl 8) You Make Me Wanna Love Again

Live for Ya A**
US Intersound CD 9220, 1996
1) Intro 2) Chase Me 3) Shake And Dance With Me 4) Let Me Put Love On Your Mind 5) I'm Leaving Baby 6) Too Tight 7) Straight From The Heart 8) Baby I'm Hooked 9) By Your Side 10) Love's Train 11) Ffun 12) Throw It Up, Throw It Up 13) Head to Toe 14) Mega-Mix

More Than Love
US Shanachie CD 5823, 2015
1) Your Night 2) More Than Love 3) Dance N With A Grown Man 4) It?s Time 5) No Place Like Love 6) Big Girls 7) I Miss You 8) Say Yo 9) Move On Up 10) Taboo 11) It?s On Tonight 12) Make Me Over 13) Once I Get In It (OIGII) 14) Night-Liter

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