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Soul Express CD Review

David Pic Conley: Bossa Quintet CD

Bossa Quintet

Blue Bossa - The Dolphin - Wave - Brigas Nuncia Mais - Art The Pimp - Amor Em Paz - Agua De Beber - Meditation - One Note Samba - Slick

Yes, this is David 'Pic' Conley of Surface fame, this time hitting the streets with a bossa nova album very much in a 70s mode a la CTI! Hot on the heels of his 2008 CD, "Bird Of Paradise", This is a very uplifting set that allows his brilliant flute work to take precedent but in a more Latin vein. There are no vocals here, and those of you expecting to hear anything soulful will be disappointed - it's a straight on up Bossa Nova jazz set recorded both here in the UK and in the US. It really is classy stuff and fans of Latin Jazz will love it. Some classics are well covered here and Jobim's "Wave" is beautifully executed. Jobim would be very impressed with these versions from his songbook and David's flute is greatly sympathetic to the floating, summery relaxed vibe that Jobim set out.

As rock music genius Todd Rundgren pointed out, Bossa Nova is not for the faint-hearted. It contains much emotion that most musical styles cannot ever dream to encompass and it lays you bare - like real soul music does. David Pic Conley is a well-versed master of both soul and Latin genres and so handles this with ease. Every track oozes the sweetness and warmth of a Rio breeze in summertime and the complexity yet simple flow of tracks such as "Art The Pimp" highlight the genius of the likes of Jobim and the musical understanding of Rundgren.

"Amor Em Paz" slows the pace and really does take you away - the feeling is very sensuous and sexual as well as relaxing. It's a great, great effort and one of the great contributions here. The evergreen "Agua De Beber" is rendered faithfully and sympathetically, yet fresh enough to listen with new ears. This si gorgeous a version as you'll hear! "One Note Samba" also works wonders for me - as does the whole set really. Having had little or no summer here in the UK this year - and Christmas upon us like you won't believe - it's nice to listen, close your eyes and imagine a hot beach, plenty of bathing beauties and a party atmosphere. Bring it on! An extremely worthwhile CD.

Barry Towler

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