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Soul Express Interviews with Soul Artists

A New Lead Singer for the Spinners:
CJ Jefferson

Interview at Porretta Soul Festival 2019:
Willie West

Interview at Porretta Soul Festival 2019:
Annika Chambers

Interview at Porretta Soul Festival 2019:
Wendy Moten, part 1

And the follow-up:

Interview at Porretta Soul Festival 2019:
Wendy Moten, part 2

Spencer Wiggins
- in the company of his brother, Percy Wiggins

Interview with Lacee
- The Queen of Grown and Sexy

Interview with

Booker Brown - Golden Boy

Interviewed at Porretta Soul Festival, Italy:

Terri Odabi: My Blue Soul

Wee Willie Walker and many other Southern soul heroes at Porretta Soul Festival 2018

Wee Willie Walker Photo by Pertti Nurmi

Ricky Fanté interviewed
at Porretta Soul Festival 2017

Falisa Janaye interviewed
at Porretta Soul Festival 2017

The legendary William Bell
interviewed in our latest
Deep Soul column 5/2017 (September 2017)

Sharnette Hyter - Interview

Don Bryant - The brand new album and an Interview

Tasha Taylor - Interview

The Ebonys - Interview

Prince Phillip Mitchell - Interview

Prince Phillip Mitchell - Part 2

Derek Martin - Interview

Willie Walker - Interview

Photo courtesy of Dave Thomas

Introducing the new crown prince of soul revival
Theo Huff

Deep Soul column 6/2015 (August 2015)
Porretta Soul Festival 2015 featuring interview with David Hudson

An Interview with David Hudson
at Porretta Soul Festival

Interview with Toni Green

Solomon Burke

The Last Interview with SOLOMON BURKE?

Solomon Burke March 21, 1940 - October 10, 2010

Royal Soul - the interview conduted May 6, 2010

Green Brothers in Soulsville

Stax Veterans return with an absolute gem

James Day – The Quincy Jones of the New Millennium

William Bell Story - Part 2 with the interview with William!

Part 1 (1956-1969)

William Bell Discography - Singles and Albums

J. Blackfoot, Ann Hines, Cassandra Graham & Norman West

The Soul Children Story with Interview:

J. Blackfoot: “No one at Stax had ever heard me sing.
I was a big hit in every neighbourhood, standing on the corner singing,
drawing people… draw the police, too. They were wondering what was happening,
when the crowd was gathering around me. I sang for them and the policeman said
‘he can stay’.”

Miki Howard Is Back!

New CD a strong contender for the album of the year

The five new songs sound like instant classics


The Interview with Impromp2:

The latest CD is the album of the year; also a solo jazz album by Johnny Britt on its way!

Updated interview with

Ali Ollie Woodson

Read about the fresh recordings of the former Temptations lead singer.

Interview with Mikelyn Roderick - ex-By All Means

A PhilaTroit Thang

Soul Express speaks with Phil Hurtt and Bunny Sigler about their new venture, A Soulful Tale Of Two Cities.

The Masqueraders - update

A fresh interview

Soul Express speaks with Harold Thomas to update the original Masqueraders story (from Soul Express 2/2001)

The Tymes Story:

The complete Tymes Story including an interview with Al "Ceasar" Berry and the discography

Soul Express Interview


The most impressive new voice in years!

"Her voice warms like a full-bodied Cabernet"

Exclusive Interviews

* Interview with Curt Jones (former member of Slave / Aurra / Deja)

* Interview with Candi Staton

* Interview with Marva King

* Interview with Jeff Hendrick