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No. 1 / 1999


  • The Albums of the Year
    Our contributors choices for the best albums of 1998.
  • The Soul Scale
    Kashif's excellent comeback album on UK Expansion label is our CD of the issue. Other Expansion releases reviewed in this issue are the new CD's by Kuh Ledesma and Nicolas Bearde. Graham Central Station, Tatyana Ali, Tevin Campbell, Everis and Janita are featured in our reviews as well.
  • Miles Jaye album by album: The Man, the Music, the Mood
    Miles Jaye is one of the most underrated soul heroes of the 90s. He started his career as a protege of Teddy Pendergrass but soon proved to be a unique artists with his own, individual style.
  • Quality Time Top 50 of 1998
    50 mouth-watering pieces of quality soul picked from the CD releases of 1998. Who managed to reach the yearly top ten this time?
  • Deep
    Soul legend Sam Dees released two official new CD's last year, and we have an exclusive interview with the celebrated singer-songwriter. Other new deep soul releases featured this time include Roy C, Rue Davis, Bobby Jonz, Bill Coday, plus we have a brief look at the reunion of former Stax artists in the form of 926 East McLemore compilation CD.
  • Teddy Pendergrass - Soul Survivor
    By request we finally have an in-depth, 8-page album-by-album story of the artists whom many long-time soul devotees consider the greatest singer in the history of soul music: Teddy Pendergrass. The dramatic biographic story of the Philly soul super star crowns our special 10th Anniversary issue.
  • Jerry Butler in our Classic Soul column
    Jerry Butler's two on one CD on the UK Westside label, featuring the original albums Nothing Says I Love You Like I Love You from 1978 and The Best Love from 1980, is the classic soul pick in this issue.
  • Kashif And the Golden Rules
    Now that Kashif, one of the most successful producers of the 1980s, is back with a very classy comeback album, it is the time to ask where did he disappear at the start of the 1990s and how did he spend his time away from the limelight. Read the exclusive 5-page interview in this issue.
  • Jazz-Funk
    The early part of the 1999 has not offered many new releases in the jazz-funk front, but new CD's by Russell Thompson, Marcus Johnson, Marc Antoine and Shakatak-keyboardist Bill Sharpe are featured. The greatest jazz-funk moments of 1998 are listed, too.
  • Soul Express 10th Anniversary Quiz
    Participate in our 10th Anniversary Quiz by answering 20 simple questions and win a new soul CD!
  • Soul Express Poll 1998 Results
    Find out the winners in our yearly readers' poll: the albums of the year, female vocalist, male vocalist, vocal group, jazz-funk artist, British act and the newcomer of 1998.
  • Choices for the best albums of 1989-1998
    Choices for the best albums of the last ten years by our contributors and readers. The lists readable on our site as well - you're welcome send your top ten, too!
  • Upfront Soul
    During the early months of 1999 Khani Cole has almost gained cult status among real soul followers. Read the reviews of her two wonderful CD's on US Finer Arts label. Al Johnson's comeback CD and Atlantic Starr's Japanese release are also reviewed.

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