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Soul Express CD Review

J. Blackfoot: Room Service

From Soul Express 6/1993

One of the highlights of the year was a new album by J. Blackfoot, called Room Service (Platinum Blue, PB 4103), produced and written by a long-serving twosome, Homer Banks and Lester Snell.

The quality of the album inspired me to contact Mr. J. alias John Colbert and have a track-by-track review together with him.

  Now Is The Time is an atmospheric, relaxed ballad for late night seducing moments. ”Oh yes, I love those late night mood kinda tracks. Now Is The Time is one of my favourites on the album, because I like that kind of melody. We might just keep that on the album (and not release as a single) to keep the album going.”

  Until Then is a light toe-tapper with Lynn White and David Sanders. ”David is the lead singer of the Masqueraders. The group is working on some material now, but at this point it's not going to be released by Platinum Blue.”

  You Are My Glory is a majestic, slowly swaying deep ballad, almost over-dramatic and my absolute favourite on the album. ”That's one of those songs that's talking about praising the lady, praising your sweetheart.”

  We're Closer Now is a beat ballad with a very catchy hook, and there's also a lady singer. Do I hear Ann Hines? ”Yes, that's Ann Hines. The song is dealing with two people who are closer now than they were five years ago.

  I met Ann about eight-nine years ago. A friend of mine, Greg McIntosh, introduced me to her, and she's been with me ever since.”

  Losers Weepers is a slow-to-midtempo song with a heavy beat. ”We got a little jazzy on that. That's the song dealing with a young man that lost his lady to another man, who's only real happy about that.”

  The only funk track, You Deserve An Oscar, isn't really spectacular, but what about those ‘live’ effects? ”That's just a fake audience. When you're getting an Oscar, they clap their hands all the time, so we just did that as a gimmick.”

  Summer Lover is a light, poppy, ‘summer breeze’ track with an interesting contradiction in the beginning, because it starts like a genuine gospel tune. ”We just wanted to surprise with that kind of a thing. You never think that the tune would go that way. You'd think the tune's going to be real churchy, then we go another way with it.”

  Finally Let Me Be The One, an extremely beautiful and touching love song, could also do as a single. ”That song is talking about ‘I'm just a poor guy, I don't have a whole lot, but I do have love for you’

  It's kinda hard to pick up a single, because they are playing just about every tune on the album. We're trying to decide on a single now, but it's very difficult.”

-Heikki Suosalo

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