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(label # / titles / Billboard placings: r&b/pop / year)
Mainstream 718) Down On Me / Don't Set Me Free '69
(as Jeany Reynolds)
Washington 1001) I Don't Mess Around/People Make The World '71
(as Jeannie Reynolds and the Re-Leets)
People 601) People Make The World Better Place / If I Had A Man Like You '72
(as Shirley Jean and the Relations)
Chess 2150) I Know He'll Be Back Someday / You Ain't The Only Man '74
Casablanca 834) The Phone's Been Jumping All Day / Unwanted Company (10/-) '75
Casablanca 846) Lay Some Lovin' On Me / Love Don't Come Easy For Me (46/-)
Casablanca 866) Hit And Run / I've Still Got My Pride '76
Casablanca 870) Hit And Run / The Fruit Song
Casablanca 911) I'm Hooked On You '78

CHERRIES, BANANAS & OTHER FINE THINGS (Casablanca 7029; '76; # 59/-)
The Fruit Song/Hit And Run/Unyielding/The Feelin' Ain't There/I've Still Got My Pride/You Want To Get Your Hands On A Woman/Look What Your Love Has Done To Me Ma/I'm Lonely/I Come Here To Party

ONE WISH (Casablanca 7075; '77)
Come My Way/Be Someone/I Know I'll Always Be In Love With You/I'm Hooked On You/Sexy Man/I Don't Want To Be Second Best/Don't Make A Fool Of Me/Guide Me Well


Mercury 73849) More I Get To Know You / pt.2 '76 (released first on TEAT 717)
The More... Mercury 73885) (Let's Stop Making) Small Talk / Oh Oh (Look What
We've Done) '77
Elektra 46032) Why Leave Us Alone / pt.2 (20/118) '79
Elektra 46531) You're Something Special/It's Such A Groove, pt.2 (29/-)
Elektra 46572) Do It, Baby / It's A Wonderful Day
Elektra 46620) Jam (Let's Take It To The Streets) / Had You A Lover
(But You Let Her Go) (29/-) '80
Elektra 47023) Do Something Special For Your Lady/Be Mine For A While
Elektra 47119) Heaven (You Are To Me) / Had You A Lover '81
Elektra 47214) Sexy Lady / Now And Then
Elektra 47407) Your Body Heat / Just A Feeling '82

FIVE SPECIAL (Elektra 206; '79; # 20/118)
Why Leave Us Alone/It's A Wonderful Day/Do It Baby/It's Such A Groove, pt.2/Whatcha Got For Music!/Baby/Rock Dancin'/You're Something Special

SPECIAL EDITION (Elektra 270; '80; # 46/-)
Jam (Let's Take It To The Streets)/Heaven (You Are To Me)/Who You Been Lovin'//Choosin' You For Me/(Do Something Special) For Your Lady/Why Not Be Mine For A While/Had You A Lover (But You Let Her Go)
(thanks to Bryan Banks and Johan Sandell)

TRACKIN' (Elektra 553; 81)
You Can Do It/Your Body Heat/Spread Love (All Over The World)/You Can Do It (Short Version)//Just A Feeling/Sexy Lady/Now And Then/Love-A-Thon
Compiled by Heikki Suosalo for Soul Express magazine. Acknowledgements to Hitoshi Takasawa, Tim Brown and Ron Murphy.

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