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Soul Express Online - Most visited pages - July - December 2019

1. (1/ 1/ 1/ 1) Our front page

2. (2/ 2/ 2/ 2) New soul, funk, jazz CD releases out now!
New release soul CDs in US, Europe and Japan.

3. (11/ 4/ 5/ 7) CD reviews
Read reviews of our albums of the month plus lots of other fresh CD releases.

4. (4/11/19/6) Marvin Sease Obituary
Marvin Sease Obituary; he died already on February 8, 2011, but ever since his obituary has been in our top 20 most read pages!

5. (18/5/4/5) Soul Artist Discographies
Check all our soul artist album & single discographies. New discographies added almost monthly!

6. (10/12/ -/ -) Tasha Taylor Interview
Heikki Suosalo interviewed Tasha Taylor, the daughter of legendary Johnnie Taylor during her convert visit in Finland.

7. ( 8/9/7/8) The Serious Soul Chart
Top 20 recommended CDs by our contributors, now updated quarterly.

8. (3/8/3/3) New reissue soul & funk releases in 2008-2017
Check ou the recently updated list all the new CD reissue releases of classic soul and funk albums, both in USA, Europe and Japan! So many great soul & funk albums reissued monthly!

9. ( 5/10/11/11) The Manhattans Story Part 1
The first part of Heikki Suosalo's detailed story of the legendary vocal group The Manhattans
. Also the Manhattans albums are now available as CD reissues on our own CD shop - pick up your own favorites!

10. ( 6/7/ 8/9) Ebonys Interview
The founding member of the Ebonys, David Beasley is back with a new album with his new group. Read the story of the legendary vocal group, which recorded on the Philadelphia International Records label in the early 70s.

11. (24/ -/ -) The Teddy Pendergrass Story
This biographical and album-by-album article was originally published in the print magazine Soul Express 1 / 1999, our special 10th Anniversary issue, and is re-published here online without changes to the original text.

12. (7/-/-) Willie Ford (of the Dramatics) Tribute
Heikki Suosalo's tribute to Willie Ford, the bass singer of the Dramatics. He passed away on the 28th of May, 2019.

13. (14/26/ -/15) The Spinners Update 2009 f. Tribute to Pervis Jackson
Heikki Suosalo's 2009 update of his Spinners Story, including a tribute to Pervis Jackson and introducing the new member Jessie Peck.

14. (13/16/16/13) Deniece Williams Story with Interview, Part 2
Heikki Suosalo's 3-part story of soul song bird Deniece Williams, complete with album discography and interview!

15. (16/18/22/17) Vintage Soul Top 20
Top 20 oldies soul tracks of the week, picked by our editor. All tracks available as CD reissues from our own CD shop!

16. (NEW) Porretta Soul 2019 Review
Porretta Soul 2019 festival featured artists like Pee Wee Ellis, Don Bryant, Leon Beal and Wee Willie Walker - read Heikki Suosalo's review of the event here!

17. (27/25/-/22) Deep Column
Deep Column main page collects all the Deep Soul columns and interviews on the same page.

18. (23/19/21/18) The Manhattans Story Part 3
The third part of Heikki Suosalo's detailed story of the legendary vocal group The Manhattans.

19. (22/23/26/27) Quality Time Cream Cuts
Top 20 new soul tracks of today, as picked by our editor. Updated weekly.

20. (NEW) Wendy Moten Interview
Read the 2-part interview of Memphis born soul songstress Wendy Moten, interviewed at Porretta Soul Festival in Italy, July 2019.

21. (19/28/28/23) The Dramatics Discography
Full single and album discography of the legendary soul vocal group The Dramatics.

22. (28/27/23/ -) Boogie Tunes
Funk & boogie tunes for the week, all tracks available from our online CD shop. So many wonderful tracks now available in CD format as well!

23. ( -) The Emotions Story
Read the 2-part story of one of the most popular girl soul groups of all times: The Emotions. Part 1 concentrates on the early history and the Stax period of the group. The second part reviews the Columbia period and last few albums of the group.

24. (NEW) Durand Jones & the Indications: American Love Call - CD review
The album of the season in Autumn 2019 was the album by Durand Jones & the Indications, which has been receiving 5-star reviews on music magazines and newspapers worldwide - and with a reason. Read our review of the celebrated set here!

25. ( -) Derek Martin Interview
Veteran soul singer Derek Martin (born in 1938) was interviewed at Porretta Soul Festival already in 2015, but the interviewed has gathered lots of interest also in recent months. Read the 2015 interview here!

26. (29/ -/25/20) Shirley Brown, Part 1
Read the full story of legendary Southern Soul singer Shirley Brown, complete with a full discography.

27. ( -) Willie Walker Interview
Wee Willie Walker was an American soul and blues singer who sadly passed away in November 19, 2019. Luckily, Heikki Suosalo managed to meet and interview him at Porretta Soul festival in Italy already in summer 2015, and you can read the 2015 interview of Willie here. Willie Walker was one of the regular artists performing at Porretta several times. You can also read shorter interviews of Willie in our later Porretta reviews (2017, 2018, 2019).

28. (21/22/30/21) The Manhattans Discography
Full discography of The Manhattans - read the detailed story with interviews too. Please note that lots of classic Manhattans albums have now been reissued in CD format - available at mid-price in our own CD Store!

29. (NEW) Willie West Interview
Willie West is one of the many veteran soul singers who have visited Porretta Soul Festival in Italy in recent years, and Heikki Suosalo interviewed Willie West on July 19th 2019 at Porretta. Read the interview, complete with a discography, here.

30. (NEW) Annika Chambers Interview
Annika Chambers was also one of the artists who visited Porretta Soul Festival in Italy during the summer 2019. Read Heikki Suosalo's interview with Annika here, and also reviews of her recent albums.