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(label # / titles / Billboard placings: r&b/pop / year)
The Quailtones:
Josie 779) Tears Of Love/Roxanna (with "Sax" Kari) '55
The Fideletones:
Aladdin 3442) Pretty Girl/Game Of Love '58
Freddie Gorman:
Miracle 11) The Day Will Come/Just For You '61
Ric Tic 101) In A Bad Way/There Can Be Too Much (Of Everything I Do) ' 65
102) Take Me Back/Can't Get It Out Of My Mind)
Rene/Lax 70061) Alive Again/Love Has Seen Us Through '80
Airwave 1167) Get Up Off The Funk/It's Over Now '83
Motorcity) I Just Keep Falling In Love (on Dancin' and Romancin') '90

IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE (Rene, RR1297; '97)
F.G.'s Theme/You've Got My Love/Can't Live Without You/Don't Take Your Love Away/One In A Million You/Together As One/Forever Yours/My Love/Thank You Lord/Alive Again/Back N' Tha' Day/The Joy (Because Of Him)/God Is Love/God Is Good/F.G.'s Theme 2


(label # / titles / Billboard placings: r&b/pop / year)

Soul 35029) Goodnight Irene/Need Your Lovin' (Want You Back) '66
35056) You're The One/We've Got A Way Out Love '69
35061) Green Grow The Lilacs/You're The One
35066) Baby, I'm For Real (1/14)/Moment Of Truth
35069) The Bells (4/12)/I'll Wait For You '70
35074) We Can Make It Baby (20/74)/I Like Your Style
35079) God Bless Whoever Sent You (14/53)/Desperate Young Man
35085) Keep Me/A Man Without Love '71
35093) I'm Someone Who Cares/Once I Have You '72
35102) Be My Love/Endlessly Love '73
Motown PR-1 Young Train/Young Train (a limited edition only; thanks to Mr. Tapio Väisänen)
Soul 35109) First Lady (Sweet Mother's Love)/There's A Chance When You Love, You Lose
35112) Supernatural Voodoo Woman, pt.1/pt.2 '74 (unreleased on Motown 1285)
35113) Game Called Love/Ooh You (Put A Crush On Me)
35115) You're My Only World/So Near And Yet So Far '75
Motown 1355) Good Lovin' Is Just A Dime Away (53/-)/Nothing Can Take The Place (Of Your Love)
1370) Fifty Years/Financial Affair
1379) Everybody's Got To Do Something/instr.
Soul 35117) Touch/Ooh You (Put A Crush On Me) '76
35119) Down To Love Town (93/47)/Just To Be Closer To You
35121) (Call On Your) Six Million Dollar Man/Mother Nature's Best '77
Fantasy 820) Ladies (We Need You)/Take This Love '78
847) Blue Moon/Ladies (We Need You) '79
856) J-E-A-L-O-U-S (Means Is Love You)/Jezebel (You've Got Under Your Spell)
Phase II 5653) Waitin' On A Letter & Mr. Postman (74/-)/The Magic Is You '81
02061) Baby, Im For Real/Share Your Love With Me
02147) The Magic Is You
02724) Baby, I'm For Real/The Magic Is You '82

Motorcity) Please Mr. Postman/I'm Gonna Make You Love Me/ Back By Popular Demand (with Jean, Scherrie & Lynda) '90

The Originals on Suspension Records and with Della Renee are another group.


We've Got A Way Out Love/Green Grow The Lilacs/Baby, I'm For Real/I've Never Begged Before/Red Sails In The Sunset/One Life We Live//Moment Of Truth/Why When Love Is Gone/When Will We Learn/You're The One/Love Is A Wonder/You Mysterious You

The Bells/I Like Your Style/There's A Place We'd Like To Know/You May Not Like The Change/Don't Stop Now/Since I Fell For You//Aquarius & Let The Sunshine In (The Flesh Failures)/You Want Hearts And Flowers/Just Another Morning/Wichita Lineman/I'll Wait For You/My Way

We Can Make It Baby/I Wake Up Crying/Once I Have You (I Will Never Let Go)/My World Is Empty Without You/If You Gonna Leave (Just Leave)/Let It Be//The Only Time You Love Me Is When You're Losing Me/God Bless Whoever Sent You/Give Yourself The Right (To Be Wrong About Me)/Rainy Night In Georgia/A Man Without Love/You Were My Everything

DEF-I-NI-TIONS (Soul 734; '72)
The Exodus Song/The World Can't Stop Me (From Loving You)/The Rovin' Kind/Make It With You/I've Got A Need For You/Love Is Life//I'm Someone Who Cares/Lie No. 2/Come Rain Or Shine/Keep Me/Bridge Over Troubled Water

GAME CALLED LOVE (Soul 740; '74)
Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me/She's My Old Lady/Game Called Love/Behind Closed Doors/I Remember When (Dedicated To Beverly)//You're My Only World/So Near (And Yet So Far)/Ooh You (Put A Crush On Me)/Be My Love/Supernatural Voodoo Woman (pt.1)

CALIFORNIA SUNSET (Motown 826; '75)
Why'd You Lie/Don't Turn The Lights Off/It Could Never Happen/Good Lovin' Is Just A Dime Away/California Sunset//Sweet Rhapsody/Fifty Years/Let Me Live In Your Life/Financial Affair/Nothing Can Take The Place (Of Your Love)

COMMUNIQUE (Soul 746; '76)
Mr. Troublemaker/Count Me Out/Down To Love Town/Touch/Natural Loving Feeling//Everybody's Got To Do Something/Bring Me Together/Just To Be Closer To You/It's So Real/All I Wanna Do (Is Spend My Life Loving You)

DOWN TO LOVE TOWN (Soul 749; '77)
Hurry Up And Wait/Down To Love Town/You Are A Blessing To Me//Six-Million Dollar Man/Mother Nature's Best/Sunrise/Been Decided

Fantasy Interlude/Don't Put Me On/I've Loved, I've Lost, I've Learned/Temporarily Out Of Order//Ladies (We Need You)/Take This Love/It's Alright

COME AWAY WITH ME (Fantasy 9577, '79)
Jezebel (You've Got Me Under Your Spell)/J-E-A-L-O-U-S (Means I Love You)/While The Cat's Away//Come Away With Me/Stay (With Me)/Blue Moon

YESTERDAY AND TODAY (Phase II 37075; '81)
Baby I'm For Real/I'm Your Man/The Magic Is You//Waiting On A Letter & Mr. Postman (Medley)/Share Your Love With Me/Let Me Dance

Compiled by Heikki Suosalo for Soul Express magazine.

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