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Label / No. / Titles / (Billboard r&b/pop) / year


The Searchers:
Mac 351) Yvonne/Little Wanda '60

Tony and the Kayos:
Star-Fax 1003) Where Are You Going / The Kangaroo -(1963)
NOTE: according to Oscar, he's not the lead vocalist.

Oscar Toney Jr:

King 5906) Can It All Be Love/You're Gonna Need Me '64
King 6108) I've Found A True Love/Keep On Loving Me '67
Bell 672) For Your Precious Love (4/23)/Ain't That True Love
Bell 681) Turn On Your Love Light (37/65)/Any Day Now
Bell 688) You Can Lead Your Woman To The Altar (-/120)/
Unlucky Guy
Bell 699) Without Love (There Is Nothing) (47/90)/A Love That Never Grows Cold '68
Bell 714) Never Get Enough Of Your Love (-/95)/A Love That Never Grows Cold
Bell 744) Until We Meet Again/Just For You
Bell 776) Down In Texas/Ain't That True Love
Capricorn 8005) Down On My Knees/Seven Days Tomorrow '70
Capricorn 8010) I Wouldn't Be A Poor Boy/Person To Person
Capricorn 8018) The Baby Is Mine/Workin' Together '71
Capricorn 0005) Thank You, Honey Chile/I Do What You Wish '72
Contempo 6) Kentucky Bluebird (A Message To Martha)/Everything I Own (UK) '73
Contempo 24) Everybody's Needed/Love's Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down (UK)
Atco 6933) Everybody's Needed/Everything I Own (US) '74
Contempo 2002) Is It Because I'm Black/Make It Easy On Yourself (UK)
Contempo 6602) Make It Easy On Yourself, pt.1/pt.2 (US)
Contempo 7702 Is It Because I'm Black/The Thrill Is Gone (US)
Contempo 2018) My Girl/The Thrill Is Gone (UK)
Contempo 2043) I've Been Loving You Too Long/For Your Precious Love (UK)
Contempo 2075) Chicken Heads/Everybody's Needed (UK) '75


He Don't Love You (And He'll Break Your Heart)/Dark End Of The Street/Down In Texas/Moon River/Ain't That True Love/Do Right Woman - Do Right Man//For Your Precious Love/Turn On Your Love Light/Any Day Now/That's All I Want From You/No Sad Song

Message To Martha (Kentucky Bluebird)/Everybody's Needed/The Thrill Is Gone/Everything I Own/My Girl//I've Been Loving You Too Long/Make It Easy On Yourself/Is It Because I'm Black/For Your Precious Love

PAPA DON'S PREACHER (Charly CRB 1183; '88)
For Your Precious Love/The Dark End Of The Street/Turn On Your Lovelight/Moon River/Any Day Now/You Can Lead Your Woman To The Altar/Unlucky Guy/He Will Break Your Heart//Without Love (There Is Nothing)/Down In Texas/A Love That Never Grows Cold/Ain't That True Love/Do Right Woman - Do Right Man/That's All I Want From You/Never Get Enough Of Your Love/No Sad Songs

OSCAR'S WINNERS (Westside, WESA 832; '98)
For Your Precious Love/Turn On Your Lovelight/Any Day Now (My Wild Beautiful Bird)/That's All I Want From You/No Sad Songs/Unlucky Guy/You Can Lead Your Woman To The Altar/The Dark End Of The Street/Down In Texas/Moon River/Ain't That True Love/He Will Break Your Heart/Do Right Woman - Do Right Man/Until We Meet Again/Just For You/Never Get Enough Of Your Love/A Love That Never Grows Cold/Without Love (There Is Nothing)

I'm Not The Dad/Down In Texas/Make It Easy On Yourself/Is It Because I'm Black/The Thrill Is Gone/For Your Precious Love (London edition)/Message To Martha/Everything I Own/You Can't Come In

GUILTY OF LOVING YOU (Bob Grady Records, BGR-9518; 2000)
Back In Your Arms/Something Tells Me/California Girl (with Wilson Meadows)/Guilty Of Loving You/Keep Love Alive/If It Ain't One Thing It's Another/She Has The Right/I'm Sorry/The Other Woman/No More Heartaches

FOR YOUR PRECIOUS LOVE (Sundazed, SC 11093; 2001)
(The '67 Bell album above) + Unlucky Guy/You Can Lead Your Woman To The Altar/A Love That Never Grows Cold/Without Love (There Is Nothing)/Never Get Enough Of Your Love/Just For You/Until We Meet Again/Gettin' Ready For The Heartbreak (unissued)/You Can Lead Your Woman To The Altar (alt. take)

FOR YOUR PRECIOUS LOVE (Rev-ola, CR REV 155; 2006)
(The same as above, excluding two last tracks)

GUILTY, Southern Soul Renaissance (Shout 30; 2006)
(The same as "Guilty Of Loving You" above)

LOVING YOU TOO LONG/The CONTEMPO Sessions (Shout 40, U.K.) 2007
Message To Martha (Kentucky Bluebird) / Everybody's Needed / The Thrill Is Gone / Everything I Own / My Girl / I've Been Loving You Too Long / Make It Easy On Yourself / Is It Because I'm Black / For Your Precious Love / Kentucky Bluebird (45 version with choir) / Everything I Own (45 version with choir) / Chicken Heads

OVER AT MARY'S PLACE (Ripete 2383), 2008
Meet Me At Mary's Place/Make It Easy On Yourself/I've Never Found A Girl To Love Me Like You Do/Mercy Mercy/I Wouldn't Treat A Dog/Louie Louie/You Are My Sunshine/Today I Started Loving You Again/Be Sure/Loveland/Linda Lu

SUSIE ANN BLACKWELL: That Stuff (featuring Oscar Tony Jr.), 2009

The discography compiled by Heikki Suosalo, Soul Express Magazine

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