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Shalamar Discography of Albums

Buy the reissue from our CD Shop

Uptown Festival
US Soul Train LP 2289, 1977
Reissue CD on Sanctuary
1) Inky Dinky Wang Dang Doo 2) Beautiful Night 3) Uptown Festival 4) High On Life 5) Ooh Baby Baby 6) You Know 7) Forever Came Today

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Disco Gardens
US Solar LP 2895, 1978
1) Tossing Turning And Swinging 2) Shalamar Disco Gardens 3) Take That To The Bank 4) Stay Close To Love 5) Leave It All Up To Love 6) Lovely Lady 7) Cindy Cindy
Bonus tracks on CD reissue:
8) Simon's Theme (Instrumental) 9) Take That To The Bank (M&M 12" Mix)

Buy the reissue from our CD Shop

Big Fun
US Solar LP 3479, 1979
1) The Right Time For Us 2) Take Me To The River 3) Right In The Socket 4) The Second Time Around 5) I Owe You One 6) Let's Find Time For Love 7) Girl

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Three for Love
US Solar LP 3577, 1980
Reissue CD on Sanctuary/CAN Unidisc
1) Full Of Fire 2) Attention To My Baby 3) Somewhere There's A Love 4) Some Things Never Change 5) Make That Move 6) This Is for The Lover in You 7) Work It Out 8) Pop Along Kid
Bonus tracks on Canadian CD reissue:
9) Make That Move (Radio) 10) Full of Fire (Radio) 11) Make That Move (Remix)

Buy this album from our CD Shop

Go for It
US Solar LP 3984, 1981
1) Go For It 5:23 2) Appeal 5:17 3) The Final Analysis 3:11 4) You've Got Me Running 3:54 5) Sweeter As The Days Go By 3:43 6) Talk To Me 6:09 7) Good Feelings 4:13 8) Rocker 6:53

US Solar LP 28, 1982
Buy this album from our CD Shop
1) Night to Remember 2) Don't Try to Change Me 3) Help Me 4) On Top of the World 5) I Don't Wanna Be the Last to Know 6) Friends 7) Playing to Win 8) I Just Stopped by Because I Had To 9) There It Is [Extended Mix] 10) I Can Make You Feel Good
Bonus tracks on Canadian reissue CD:
11) A Night to Remember [Radio Edit] 12) A Night to Remember [Extended M&M Mix]

The Look
US Solar LP 60239, 1983, CD Reissue on Unidisc/UK Sequel
Buy this album from our CD Shop
1) Closer 2) Dead Giveaway 3) You Can Count On Me 4) Right Here 5) No Limits 6) Disappearing Act 7) Over And Over 8) You're The One For Me 9) You Won't Miss Love (Until It's Gone) 10) The Look
Bonus tracks on the UK reissue CD:
1) Disappearing Act (7" Mix) 12) Over And Over (12" Edit) 13) A Mix to Remember (12" Version): A Night to Remember / There It Is / Over and Over / I Can Make You Feel Good / I Owe You One 14) I Owe You One - LIVE 15) Right in the Socket - LIVE

US Solar LP 60385, 1984, CD reissue by Unidisc/UK Sequel
Buy this album from our CD Shop
1) Amnesia 2) Dancing In The Streets 3) Whenever You Need Me 4) Heartbreak 5) Don't Get Stopped In Beverly Hills 6) My Girl Loves Me 7) Melody 8) Deceiver 9) Amnesia
Bonus tracks on the UK reissue CD:
10) Dancing In The Streets (12" Mix) 11) Dancing In The Streets (Instrumental) 12) My Girl Loves Me 13) Take That to the Bank (Live) 14) The Second Time Around (Live)

Circumstantial Evidence
US Solar LP 72556, 1987, CD reissue by Unidisc/UK Castle
Buy this album from our CD Shop
1) Circumstantial Evidence 2) Games 3) Love's Grown Deep 4) Playthang 5) Female 6) Born-To-Love 7) Worth Waitin' For 8) Imaginary Love 9) Circumstantial Evidence (Extended Version)

Wake up
US Solar LP/CD 75315, 1990, CD Reissue by Unidisc/UK Castle
Buy this album from our CD Shop
1) Caution: This Love Is Hot 2) Wake Up 3) Why Lead Me On 4) Groove Talk 5) All I Wanna Do 6) Come Together 7) For Sure 8) I'll Give You Love 9) I Want U 10) Pink Box 11) Caution: This Love Is Hot (Extended Version)

Plus lots of compilation albums, not listed here

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