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Soul Sources on the Internet

Other Soul / Funk / Jazz-Funk Sources on the Internet

The Latest Additions:

Groovesville USA Blog

Keith Rylatt's soul blog site. Keith has been writing about soul & R&B music since the mid-70s. He also wrote the book "Groovesville USA: The Detroit Soul & R&B Index".

Soul Blues Report

This site contains lots of links to topical Southern Soul sources.

Blues Critic

Mr. Dylann DeAnna runs a nice and informative Southern soul & blues site with monthly Top 50 charts, two online radio stations - one for Southern soul, and the other one for blues - interviews, concert reviews and introductions of many artists in these genres. He also keeps you informed of the new SS releases.

Soul and Funk Music Database

An excellent database of soul and funk records. The records are not on sale here, but this is an informative database of 70 and 80s soul/funk artist discographies etc. They have recently added also short reviews and interviews of soul artists. One to bookmark!

Southern Soul

A site dedicated to today's Southern Soul music. Top Ten Southern Soul singles and albums of the month, artist guides, Best of 2006-2007, Top 100 Southern Soul Songs (90's-00's) etc.


The number 1 soul source in the United States today. News, new releases, CD reviews, artist pages etc. Take a look at the link pages as well.

Sites that keep you updated of the new releases:

Soul Schoonz

Soulchoonz Records is quoted by Blues & Soul Magazine as ‘one of the UK’s most dynamic new Indie soul music labels'.


The Website of the best UK soul label.

A Danish website with an excellent monthly top ten and lots of interviews in English (including Kloud9, Tahsan, Monet, Bostick, Mia Miata, Kim Hill, Rashaan Patterson, Ralph Tee etc.).

Neo-soul / Nu Soul sites:

Just Soul

Dedicated to "Modern Soul Movement". Lots of reviews and interviews. Not updated after August 2007...

An Internet Radio and an excellent website featuring CD Reviews and News headlines. Strongly promoting neo-soul but also classy veteran soul acts. Boomark!

Soul Radio Stations on the Net:

Solar Radio

Another excellent Internet radio station, featuring Ralph Tee (of Expansion), Steve Hobbs, Tony Monson, Geoff Bingham, Kev Roberts, Andy Davies etc. as their DJ's. Read the weekly Sweet Rhythms Chart, compiled now by Gary Spence - almost as good as our own Quality Time Cream Cuts chart;-)

How to buy the CD's we have reviewed: the soul CD specialists on the Web:

Soul Town

Our local CD specialist here in Finland, but also serving soul lovers worldwide through its online shop, the records payable by Visa/Master credit cards and PayPal. Established in 1986 and on the net since 1996. Virtually each CD reviewed on our site is available through Soul Town starting at 17,90 euros / CD. Owned by the editor of Soul Express.

Soul Brother

Probably the number one soul source in the U.K. these days. UK copies usually at GBP £14.95, US copies at £17.95. Run by B&S Fusion Jazz scribe Malcolm Prangell, amongst others.

A Swedish website/CD shop specialising in Southern soul/blues. Over 200 CD's of Southern soul/blues in their stock.


Selling also lots of 12" and LP vinyl. A catalogue of around 200 new soul CD's, all the essential newies. UK CD's usually at GBP £ 13.99, US CD's £17.99, Japanese CD's £29.99. Owned by Vijay Mistry.

CD reviews, news, recommendations, sound snippets:

Soul Walking

One of the best sources at the moment for those who want to keep themselves updated about worthwhile new soul CD releases. All written by one man, Toby Walker - quite an effort! Highly recommendable.

Reviews and information about the new releases:

AEC One Stop Group - New US Release Information

Weekly informational vehicle provided by One-Stop sub-distributor in the U.S.A. All new releases listed weekly, including Major label, Independent label and Latin sections plus singles, VHS videos and DVD's. R&B and Rap releases are in their own section under Major / Independent. Most of the new releases include a short introduction of the artist and the album. Also information about the forthcoming albums.

Soul Magazines

Blues & Soul

Snippets from their printed issue, news and top ten charts. 95 % of mainstream street soul & rap, 5 % of quality soul. If you're visiting U.K., the datelines of live soul/funk/jazz-funk/rap shows can be checked here.

Record Companies

Expansion Records

Just renewed website of the best UK soul label.

Dome Records

"The home of UK R&B", specialising in club-oriented solid soul.

Ecko Records

Ecko Records, the home of contemporary Soul, Blues and Gospel Music.

Funk Sources

Miss Funkyflyy's Web Pages

"The place on the web where the funkiest stars come out when you click!
Interviews, discographies and biographies of old and new funk heroes and heroines.

Jazz-funk / Smooth Jazz sites

Smooth Jazz Vibes

"The place to go if you are a fan of contemporary or smooth jazz" - indeed.

Jazziz Magazine

The website of the leading "contemporary jazz" magazine in the U.S.A.

Deep Soul / Southern Soul / 60's Soul

Southern Soul

A site dedicated to today's Southern Soul music. Top Ten Southern Soul singles and albums of the month, artist guides, Best of 2006-2007, Top 100 Southern Soul Songs (90's-00's) etc.

Sir Shambling's Deep Soul Heaven

A site dedicated to Deep Soul.

Soul and Blues

A site dedicated to Southern Soul & Gospel. Take a listen to their online radio as well.

The Boogie Report

Southern Soul news.

Finger-Poppin' Soul

News, CD reviews, links etc. - a solid source of information for "real soul" enthusiasts.

R&B Primer

Recommended CD's to start the collection, artist biographies, lots of links.

The Soul of the Net

CD reviews, discographies, links etc.

Voices from the Shadows

A mail-order soul record shop that used to run a decent magazine as well.

David Nathan Website

David Nathan is a veteran UK soul journalist; he has also written the book "The Soulful Divas". He has also recently written several excellent linernotes for CD reissues and compilations.

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