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Mario Biondi Discography of Albums

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Mario Biondi: Handful of Soul

Italian Schema, 2007

1) A Child Runs Free
2) No Mercy For Me
3) This Is What You Are
4) Rio De Janeiro Blue
5) Slow Hot Wind
6) A Handful Of Soul
7) Never Die
8) On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever)
9) Gig
10) I Can't Keep From Cryin' Sometimes
11) No Trouble On The Mountain
12) I'm Her Daddy

Mario Biondi and the Duke Orchestra: I Love You More LIVE

Edel/Sony Music Italy, 2007, reissue in 2015

Disc 1:
1) Rio De Janeiro Blue
2) Close to You
3) A Child Runs Free
4) I'm Her Daddy
5) No Mercy for Me
6) Slow Hot Wind
7) A Handful Of Soul
8) Gig
9) Never Die
10) On a Clear Day
11) Fff (Five for Fun)

Disc 2:
1) I Love You More
2) I Can't Keep From Cryin' Sometimes
3) Just the Way You Are
4) No Trouble on the Mountain
5) Moonlight in July
6) Rebirth
7) Hello Like Before

Mario Biondi: If

Italian Tattica, 2010

1) Serenity
2) Something That Was Beautiful
3) Be Lonely
4) Love Dreamer
5) Black Shop
6) If
7) I Wanna Make It
8) No Mo' Trouble
9) Ecstasy
10) I Know It's Over
11) Winter In America
12) Everlasting Harmony
13) Cry Anymore
14) Little B's Poem
15) Bom De Doer

Yes You - Live

Italian Tattica, 2010

1) Intro Medley
2) Nature Boy
3) Serenity
4) Something That Was Beautiful
5) Black Shop
6) Be Lonely
7) Little B's Poem
8) Cry Anymore
9) Winter In America
10) Love Dreamer
11) Ecstasy
12) I Know It's Over
13) I Wanna Make It
14) If
15) No Mo' Trouble feat. Incognito
16) Lowdown feat. Incognito
17) Can't Get Enough feat. Incognito
18) Bom De Doer
19) Everlasting Harmony
20) Yes You (Extended Version)

Mario Biondi: Change of Scenes (Remix album)

Italian Scheme, 2011

1) A Little Piece of My Life
2) No Mercy for Me - "re-worked by A. Magnanini"
3) On a Clear Day (You can See Forever) - Today Mix "Performed by Was-A-Bee"
4) A Handful of Soul - Takin' The Live Mood
5) I'm Her Daddy - Daddy's Point of View Version
6) This is What You Are - The Brazilian Rime
7) I Can't Keep From Cryin' Sometimes - "Inner Mix Part 1"
8) I Can't Keep From Cryin' Sometimes - "Walk in Blues part 2"
9) Slow Hot Wind (Slow Hot Version)
10) Rio De Janeiro Blue - In "The Invisible" Club Mix Extended
11) This Is What You Are - Dim's Hipster Jazz Version by "Dimitri From Paris"
12) But Not for You - Vocal Demo Version

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Mario Biondi and the Unexpected Glimbses: Due

Italian Tattica, 2011

Disc 1:
1) Blue Skies (f. Jeff Cascaro)
2) Won't You Come Back (f. Sagi Rei)
3) Life Is Everything (f. Wendy Lewis)
4) In The Sun (f. Luca Florian)
5) My Girl
6) The Door Is Still Open To My Heart (f. Walter Ricci)
7) What's Happening Brother (f. Andrea "Satomi" Bertorelli)
8) Free (f. Samantha Iorio)
9) Dreaming (f. Giordano Gambogi)
10) Funny How Time Slips Away (f. Hanne Boel)

Disc 2:
1) Mother Earth (f. Lorenzo Tucci)
2) All I Really Want (f. Chiara Civello)
3) Do You Want Me To Stay (f. Vahimit)
4) All You Have To Do (f. Alain Clark)
5) More Than You Could Ever Know (f. Steve Biondi)
6) Where Are You (f. Daniele Scannapiego)
7) Lullaby (f. Daniele Perrino)
8) Everytime I Think Of You (f. Cristiana Polegri)
9) Under That Sky (f. Claudo Filippini)
10) Finale In Dissolvenza (f. Fabrizio Cassalino)

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Mario Biondi: Sun

Sony Music Italy/EU, 2013

1) Intro: Ladies and Gentlemen Introducing Mario Biondi
2) Shine On
3) Come to Me
4) What Have You Done To Me
5) Woman Woman
6) Never stop f. Omar
7) Deep Space
8) Catch the Sunshine f. Leon Ware
9) La Voglia La Pazzia L'Idea
10) Light To The World f. Al Jarreau
11) Girl Blue
12) I Can't Read Your Mind
13) There's No One Like You
14) Lowdown f. Incognito & Chaka Khan
15) Outro

Mario Biondi: Mario Christmas

Sony Music Italy/EU, 2013/2015

1) Intro: Mario Wish U a Merry Xmas
2) Last Christmas
3) Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
4) Driving Home for Christmas
5) My Christmas Baby (The Sweetest Girl)
6) Let It Snow
7) This Christmas
8) God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
9) Dreaming Land
10) White Christmas
11) Close to You
12) After the Love Has Gone (Duet with Earth Wind & Fire)

Mario Biondi: Beyond

Sony Music Italy/EU, 2015

1) Open up Your Eyes
2) All of My Life
3) Love is a Temple
4) All I Want Is You
5) I Chose You
6) You Can't Stop This Love Between Us
7) Blind
8) Come Down
9) Heart of Stone
10) Fly Away
11) Another Kind of Love
12) Over the World
13) Where Does the Money Go

Special Edition bonus tracks:
1) Nightshift
2) Three Times a Lady
3) Easy
4) Brick House
5) Lady (You Bring Me up)

Mario Biondi: A Very Happy Mario Christmas

Sony Music Italy/EU CD/DVD, 2014/2016

1) Intro: Mario Wish U a Merry Xmas
2) Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
3) Please Come Home for Christmas
4) Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
5) Last Christmas
6) Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
7) Driving Home for Christmas
8) My Christmas Baby (The Sweetest Girl)
9) Let It Snow
10) This Christmas
11) God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
12) Dreaming Land
13) White Christmas
14) Close to You
15) After the Love Has Gone (Dave Pensado Mix)

Buy the 2-CD from our CD Shop

Mario Biondi: Best of Soul (2-CD)

Sony Music/Columbia/Schema Italy, 2016

Disc 1:
1) Do You Feel Like I Feel
2) Chilly Girl
3) You Are My Queen
4) The Mystery of Man
5) I Will Never Stop Loving You
6) Stay With Me
7) This Is What You Are
8) A Handful of Soul
9) No Mercy for Me
10) Rio The Janeiro Blue
11) Never Die

Disc: 2
1) Gratitude
2) Be Lonely
3) Shine On
4) What Have You Done to Me
5) Deep Space
6) Come to Me
7) Open up Your Eyes
8) Love is a Temple
9) Another Kind of Love
10) All I Want Is You
11) Nightshift (Long Version)

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