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RONNIE MOSS: Baby Lay Back

Ronnie “Raheem” Moss is the high-voiced tenor singer, who replaced the late Bobbie Smith in the Spinners in 2013. Prior to that Ronnie had been a member of at least six groups and released his first single in 1985 and five full-length solo CDs (in 1995, 2000, 2004, 2010 and 2020). You can read about his earlier career at

Now Ronnie has released his sixth solo album, Baby Lay Back, produced by John Carey. John produced also Ronnie’s previous album last year, Keep on Stepping. Ronnie: “John Carey is a great guitarist from Chicago and Palm Springs, California. He has been compared to legendary guitarists Carlos Santana and Jimi Hendrix. John and I met actually on Facebook about four years ago, and we just stayed in touch. John produced the album, for which he wrote seven songs and I wrote two, Let It Flow and There You Go. We got together during the beginning of the pandemic. When the Spinners came off the road, we decided to make this, so - like most artists, including the Spinners, - we all followed suit. We actually did two albums. The second album will be released in August 2021. John lives in Atlanta, the same as I, and we were able to record without actually seeing each other. He has a studio and I have a studio.”

The title song, a slow, “laid-back” and atmospheric ballad opens the set. “On Baby Lay Back I wanted to go a little old school and kind of give the Isleys & Marvin Gaye feel. The sax player is Dave Thompson and on drums there’s Nat Scott out of California. I played percussion on most of the songs.” Ronnie’s other own favourite on the album is the self-written ethereal jam called Let It Flow. Between those two there’s Baby It’s You, a downtempo song with a jazzy and experimental groove.

Most of the nine songs here are romantic ballads – “we decided to make this album romantic” – like the doowoppy You Can’t Have Two, the easily flowing There You Go and the serene and beautiful Can I with only a guitar accompaniment. All Night Long features a rock guitar solo. Tempo is increased only on two tracks, Steppers Roll Call, where the title says it all, and the closing mid-tempo mover titled Say What You Mean. Besides that one upcoming album in August, what else can we expect? “With the Spinners we go back on tour in June.”

(Interview conducted on May 28, 2021.)

© Heikki Suosalo

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