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Soul Express Album of the Month

August 1998

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(US Columbia CD, 1998)
Gestation: Mythos - Everwanting: To Want You To Want - I'm You: You Are Me And We Are You (pt Me And You) - Luxury: Cococure - Drowndeep: Hula - Matrimony: Maybe You - Arroz Con Pollo - Know These Things: Shoudn't You - Submerge: Til We Become The Sun - Gravity: Pushing To Pull - Eachhour eachsecond eachminute eachday: Of My Life - Embrya

Maxwell's second set is a MUST. It is sheer QUALITY and from start to finish, the CD just flows with the gorgeous music, always soulful, extremely funky and very subtly ambient carries you along with ease from track one right through to the end. This album is quite different from the Urban Hang Suite, but this also runs along on a sort of 'theme'. I really do suggest that you just put this album on, settle back and relax, as this is more of an 'experience'. If you are prone to skipping through albums for a general feel then I think that you may lose a lot of effect and that would be a real shame. When you allow the album to play straight through, you will end up thinking that it is a CLASSIC album indeed.

The choice cuts for these ears? Well, it is an impossible task as I love the whole CD, but I think many will plumb for the low-down, funky string infused MONSTER Gestation: Mythos which is a real dream and allows Maxwell's sweet vocals consume you.

There is more instrumentalisation than before, Maxwell almost taking a back seat - such as another KILLER I'm You: You Are Me And We Are You and the slinky and funky Arroz Con Pollo. The dirty bassline on Luxury: Cococure is just sublime and so are the vocals. Matrimony has more of the usual Maxwell sound to it, and will be a favourite of many Lowdown readers. To be frank, this CD is a True CLASSIC and must not be ignored. TOTALLY ESSENTIAL.
- Barry Towler

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