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Vintage Soul Cream Cuts Top 20

Listing the best reissue soul tracks of the week

All tracks available from our Soul Music CD shop

Updated weekly

March 11, 2018

(Position this week - position last week - artist - track title - weeks on chart - original label/reissue label)

1 (1) RAY, GOODMAN & BROWN Where Did You Get That Body... Baby? 10
US EMI Manhattan 1988/CD reissue by UK Expansion CD 2014
2 (3) TAVARES I'll Never Say Never Again 12
US Capitol 1973/CD reissue by UK 2011
3 (4) SHIRLEY JONES When a Woman Is in Love 10
UK ARP 1982/CD reissue by US Airplay CD 2016
4 (2) STEPHANIE MILLS Keep Away Girls 14
US Casablanca 1982/CD reissue by UK SoulMusic CD 2015
5 (5) SISTER SLEGDE Easier to Love 9
US Cotillion 1980/CD reissue by CD 2012
6 (7) PATTI LaBELLE I Don't Go Shopping 8
US Epic 1980/CD reissue by BBR CD 2014
7 (6) BEN E. KING Wonder Woman 11
US Atlantic 1977/CD reissue by EU WEA CD 2013
8 (9) CARL WEATHERS You Oughta Be with Me 7
US Mirage 1983/CD reissue on the UK FTG compilation CD "Mirage - Soul & Funk Compilation Vol. 1"
9 (10) OMAR CHANDLER f. AUDREY WHEELER This Must Be Heaven 7
US MCA 1991
10 (12) BERT ROBINSON Heart of Gold 4
US Capitol 1988/CD reissue by UK Expansion 2016

11 (12) CUNNIE WILLIAMS My Philosophy 6
French Universal CD 2002
12 (13) THE DELLS Private Property 4
US Mercury 1977/CD reissue by UK SoulMusic CD 2012
13 (8) DICK JENSEN New York City's a Lonely Town 15
US Philadelphia International 1973/CD reissue by UK BBR 2013
14 (18) ALTON McCLAIN Making Room for Love 2
US Polydor 1981/CD reissue by UK Expansion 2013
15 (14) MARVIN GAYE Where Are We Going? [Alternate Mix] 24
US Motown 1972/2-CD reissue Let's Get It On DeLuxe Edition by US Motown CD 2001
16 (15) DAVID RUFFIN Morning Sun Looks Blue 18
US Warner 1979/CD reissue by WEA Japan CD 2014
17 (16) MARVIN GAYE This World Is Rated X [Alternate Mix] 18
US Motown 1972/2-CD reissue Let's Get It On DeLuxe Edition by US Motown CD 2001
18 (17) MARVIN GAYE Please Stay (Don't Go Away) [Alternate Mix with horns] 27
US Motown 1972/2-CD reissue Let's Get It On DeLuxe Edition by US Motown CD 2001
19 ( -) BETTY WRIGHT Slip and Do It 1
US Alston 1976/CD reissue by Warner CD 2012
20 (20) LOU RAWLS Love Is a Hurtin' Thing 25
US Capitol 1966/CD reissue by EU Elemental 2016

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