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Vintage Soul Cream Cuts Top 20

Listing the best reissue soul tracks of the week

All tracks available from our Soul Music CD shop

Updated weekly

April 23, 2017

(Position this week - position last week - artist - track title - weeks on chart - original label/reissue label)

1 (2) BEAU WILLIAMS Give Me up 16
US Capitol 1986/CD reissue by US Funky Town Grooves 2007
2 (3) BEN E. KING Tippin 14
US Atlantic 1978/CD reissue by EU Warner 2013
3 (4) NICOLE & TIMMY THOMAS New York Eyes 7
US Portrait 1985/4-CD compilation Pure 80s Soul Grooves by Sony 2013
4 (1) JOHN WHITEHEAD Pick Yourself up (And Start All Over Again) 22
US Mercury CD 1988
5 (5) BETTY WRIGHT Clean up Woman 12
US Alston 1972/CD reissue by Japan Rhino CD 2012
6 (6) LOU RAWLS Whole Lotta Woman 6
US Capitol 1966/CD reissue by EU Elemental 2016
7 (13) THE EMOTIONS Blind Alley 3
US Stax 1972/CD reissue by US Stax/Fantasy 1996
8 (10) THE DELLS The Love We Had (Stays on My Mind) 6
US Cadet 1971/CD reissue by US Caroline/SoulMusic CD
9 (11) MS. SHARON RIDLEY Changin' 5
US Tabu 1978/CD reissue by UK Demon 2013
10 (12) THE MANHATTANS If You've Ever Gonna Love Me 4
US Columbia 1976/CD reissue by UK SuperBird CD 2010

11 (9) THE TEMPTATIONS Wake up to Me 15
US Atlantic 1974/CD reissue by UK SoulMusic CD 2016
12 (7) MATT COVINGTON We Got One 18
UK Expansion 1992/CD reissue by US Essential Music Group 2010
13 (16) BOBBY BLUE BLAND Going Down Slow 2
US MCA 1973/CD reissue by US MCA 1991
14 (8) JOHNNY BRISTOL Take Care of You and Me 15
US MGM 1974/CD reissue by EU Elemental CD 2016
15 (17) LOU COURTNEY I Don't Need Nobody Else 2
US Epic/Rags 1973/CD reissue by UK Soul Brother 1999
16 (14) THE MAIN INGREDIENT Why Should I 25
US Magnatar 2001
17 (15) THE EBONYS You're the Reason Why 25
US Philadelphia International 1971/CD reissue by UK Shout 2010
18 (20) THE EMOTIONS It's Not Fair 2
US Stax 1969/CD reissue by US Stax/Fantasy 1996
19 (18) BOBBY BLUE BLAND It's Not the Spotlight 28
US MCA 1973/CD reissue by US MCA 1991
20 (19) JOHNNY BRISTOL Woman Woman 26
US MGM 1974/CD reissue by EU Elemental CD 2016

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D.J. ROGERS Love Bought Me Back

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