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Soul Express Album of the Month

February 1998

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One Heart, One Love
(US Private Music/Peak Records CD, 1998)
I'm Sorry - We Belong Together - Do What Comes Natural - Pretty Lady - Do Not Disturb - One Heart One Love - Mind Blowah - Hold On With Your Heart - Born To Love You - Let's Stay Together

If this is not enough, add the writing talents of George Duke, Barry J Eastmond, Nick Martinelli, Gary Brown and Curtis Williams and you really should be in no doubt whatsoever that we have an essential CD here. The man rarely fails to impress, and he simply shines his best on all cuts on here (well, bar the last track, perhaps!). I would say that this is his most consistent album ever.

From track one we know that the man really has got quality on the agenda, and this never deteriorates for a moment. The orchestration on I'm Sorry is second to none, and Perry's angelic voice hits the spot wonderfully. A more soul-orientated track follows with the tasty We Belong Together which can only be classed as top-drawer, totally essential and a real must! The man goes uptempo and contemporary with Do What Comes Natural, which although pre-programmed features some really gorgeous early '80s horn touches and the backing vocals feature Gary Brown and James Ingram - enough said. Actually, this is one of 'those' CDs that really excites me a lot.

Ironically the track Mind Blowah is one of those uptempo steppers that really grabs you and is the sort of thing to blare out of the old in-car system. Superb. If you were happy with Gary Brown's Somebody's Been Sleeping In My Bed then you will like this as it is a similar sort of thing. For an extra thrill, play the jazzy Born To Love You featuring Everette Harp, Michael White and Paul Jackson, Jr. A no-nonsense CD and one that no self-respecting soul lover with an onus on quality would ignore.

-Barry Towler

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