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Atlantic Starr Discography of Albums

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Atlantic Starr: Atlantic Starr
US A&M LP 4711, 1978
Reissue CD on EU Vinyl Masterpiece, 2010
1) Stand Up 2) Keep It Coming 3) Visions 4) Being In Love With You Is So Much Fun 5) Love I Never Had 6) Gimme You Luvin' 7) With Your Love I Come Alive 8) We Got It Together 9) Don't Abuse My Love 10) Where There's Smoke There's Fire

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Atlantic Starr: Straight to the Point
US A&M LP 4764, 1979
Reissue CD on Japan Universal Music, 2008

1) Rock'n Roll 2) Kissin' Power 3) Let The Spirit Move Ya 4) Straight to the Point 5) Bullseye 6) What'Cha Feel Inside 7) Fallin' in Love with You 8) Losin' You

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Atlantic Starr: Radiant
US A&M LP 4833, 1981
Reissue CD on EU Vinyl Masterpiece, 2007
1) When Love Calls 2) Think About That 3) Mystery Girl 4) Under Pressure 5) Does It Matter 6) Send For Me 7) Am I Dreaming 8) My Turn Now

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Atlantic Starr: Brilliance
US A&M LP 4883, 1982
Reissue CD on EU Vinyl Masterpiece, 2006
1) Love Me Down 2) Sexy Dancer 3) Love Moves 4) Your Love Finally Ran Out 5) Circles 6) Let's Get Closer 7) Perfect Love 8) You're The One

Atlantic Starr: Yours Forever
US A&M LP/CD 4948, 1983
CD reissue in Japan Pony-Canyon CD, 1995, out-of-print
1) Yours Forever 2) Touch A Four Leaf Clover 3) More, More, More 4) I Want Your Love 5) Second to None 6) Island Dream 7) Who Could Love You Better? 8) More Time For Me 9) Tryin'

Atlantic Starr: As the Band Turns
US A&M LP 5019, 1985
US A&M CD reissue, 2001
1) Freak-A-Ristic 2) Cool, Calm, Collected 3) One Love 4) In The Heat Of Passion 5) If Your Heart Isn't In It 6) Silver Shadow 7) Let's Start It Over 8) Secret Lovers 9) Thank You

Atlantic Starr: All in the Name of Love
US Warner LP 25560, 1987
Buy the reissue from our CD Shop
US Collectables CD reissue, 2008
1) One Lover At A Time 2) You Belong With Me 3) Females 4) Don't Take Me For Granted 5) Always 6) Armed And Dangerous 7) Let The Sun In 8) Thankful 9) I'm In Love 10) All In The Name Of Love 11) My Mistake 12) Interlude

Atlantic Starr: We're Movin' up
US Warner LP 25849, 1989
Buy the reissue from our CD Shop
US Collectables CD reissue, 2008
1) Under Your Spell 2) Bring It Back Home Again 3) I'm In Love With You 4) Don't Start The Fire 5) Love Ain't Fair 6) My First Love 7) Woman's Touch 8) Friends 9) We're Moving Up 10) My Sugar 11) I Can't Wait 12) You Deserve The Best

Atlantic Starr: Love Crazy
US Reprise LP/CD 26545, 1989
1) I Can't Wait 2) If You Knew What's Good For You 3) Love Crazy 4) Hold On 5) Lookin' For Love Again 6) Come Lover 7) You Hit The Spot 8) Masterpiece 9) Girl, Your Love's So Fine 10) My Special Lover 11) Unconditional Love

Atlantic Starr: Time
US Arista CD 18273, 1994
1) I'll Remember You 2) Everybody's Got Summer 3) My Best Friend 4) Time 5) Baby Be There 6) Let's Just Sneak Around 7) So Good To Come Home To 8) Loving You All Over Again 9) Animal Attraction 10) Along The Way

Atlantic Starr: All Because of You
Japan Soundasia CD XYCA-00034, 1997
1) All Because Of You 2) Super Love 3) My Love Is Real 4) When Was The Last Time 5) Always (1998 Mix) 6) You 7) You Are My Everything 8) Don't Quit On Me Now 9) Stay
Bonus track:
10) Always (Readymade Mix)

Atlantic Starr: Legacy
US Street Solid/ UK Expansion CD, 1999
1) Where Have You Been All My Life 2) When Was The Last Time 3) All Because Of You 4) Don't Quit On Me Now 5) You 6) Legacy 7) I've Fallen In Love 8) Love To The Rescue 9) The Mirror 10) On The Other Side 11) Dad 12) My Love Is Real 13) Stay 14) Always (Millennium Mix)

Plus various compilations, not listed here.

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