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Editorial Columns and Articles

The Checkmates Ltd. Story - part 3 (1976 - present)

Spencer Wiggins
- in the company of his brother, Percy Wiggins

Deep Soul Column March 2019:
featuring four CD reviews of the latest Ace/Kent CD compilations

Teddy Pendergrass Story

Deep Soul column 3/2018 (September 2018)
feat. an interview with Willie Hightower and Billy Price

Deep Soul column 2/2018 (June 2018)
featuring an Interview with Peggy Scott-Adams

Deep Soul column 1/2018 (March 2018)
feat. interviews with Thom Bell and Lavel Jackson

Deep Soul column 7/2017 (November 2017)
feat. an interview with Nellie "Tiger" Travis plus
CD reviews of new releases and reissue/compilation CDs

Book review:
John Capouya: Florida Soul - From Ray Charles
to KC and the Sunshine Band

The legendary William Bell
interviewed in our latest
Deep Soul column 5/2017 (September 2017)

The Latest Additions:

Porretta Soul Festival 2017
f. interview with Wee Willie Walker and Anthony Paule

Deep Soul column 4/2017 (July 2017)
f. interview with Latimore and Sweet Angel
plus new soul CD and compilation CD reviews

Don Bryant - The brand new album and an Interview

Deep Soul column 3/2017 (May 2017)
f. interview with Oscar Toney and fresh soul CD and compilation CD reviews

Tasha Taylor - Interview

Deep Soul column 2/2017 (March 2017)
feat. book reviews starring Wilson Pickett and Candi Staton
plus CD reviews

Deep Soul column 1/2017 (February 2017)
featuring interviews with Johnny Flash and Stan Butler
plus CD reviews of recent deep soul & indie soul releases

Deep Soul column 5/2016 (December 2016)
starring interview with Robert Finley
and featuring CD reviews of the latest CDs by Theo Huff, Lee Fields and Chazz Dixon

The Ebonys - Interview

Deep Soul column 4/2016 (August 2016)
starring interview with Percy Wiggins
and featuring CD reviews of the latest CDs by William Bell, Eddie Levert and Will Downing

Prince Phillip Mitchell - Part 3 (1977-2016)

Prince Phillip Mitchell - Part 2 (1970-1976)

Deep Soul column 3/2016 (May 2016)
featuring interview with Bettye LaVette
and introducing Greg Watson

Deep Soul column 2/2016 (March 2016)
featuring interview with L.J. Reynolds of The Dramatics
and introducing new member Lavel Jackson

Prince Phillip Mitchell - Interview

Deep Soul column 1/2016 (January 2016)
featuring interview with Will Porter

Deep Soul column 7/2015 (October 2015)
featuring interview with Toni Green

Deep Soul column 6/2015 (August 2015)
Porretta Soul Festival 2015 featuring interview with David Hudson

Deep Soul column 5/2015 (July 2015)
featuring interviews with Bunny Sigler, Gerald Alston and Reuben James Richards

Deep Soul column 4/2015 (June 2015)
featuring interviews with Billy Price, Otis Clay and Will Downing

Deep Soul column 3/2015 (May 2015)
featuring interviews with Naturally 7 and Garnet Mimms

Deep Soul column 1/2015 (January 2015)
featuring an interview with Bettye LaVette

Deep Soul column 2/2014 (March 2014) feat.
Muscles Shoals DVD review and Muscle Shoals report

An Interview with David Hudson
at Porretta Soul Festival

New Deep Soul column 1/2014 (January 2014) feat.
Interviews with Johnny Rawls and Abraham "Smooth" Wilson

Interview with Toni Green

Deep Soul column 7/2013 (November 2013) feat.
Interviews with Henry Fambrough and Ronnie "Raheem" Moss of the Spinners

Deep Soul column 6/2013 (October 2013) feat.
Interviews with Joe Simon and Bruce Hawes

Mitty Collier Part 2 - feat. fresh interview & full discography!

Mitty Collier Part 1

Deep Soul column 5/2013 (September 2013) feat.
Interview with Bettye Crutch

Deep Soul column 4/2013 (August 2013) feat.
Porretta Soul Festival review including
Fresh Interview with Latimore

R.I.P. J. Blackfoot

J. Blackfoot, November 20, 1946 - November 30, 2011

R.I.P. Howard Tate

Howard Tate, August 14, 1939 - December 2, 2011

Read the CD review of his 2003 album, including an interview with producer Jerry Ragovoy

Deep Soul

New Deep Soul column 4/2012 (November 2012) now online!

* Interviews with soul legends Might Sam McClain, Dorothy Moore & Anthony Watson
* Reviews of recent Southern soul CDs and other new releases
* Reviews of classic soul reissue CDs/compilations
* Book review: Bettye LaVette

Solomon Burke

The Last Interview with SOLOMON BURKE?

Solomon Burke March 21, 1940 - October 10, 2010

Royal Soul - the interview conduted May 6, 2010

Read excerpts from a book written by:

Bruce Hawes

Bruce Hawes book cover

Growing up in The Sound of Philadelphia

As written by the man behind countless Gold and Platinum records of Philadelphia Soul
The Legendary Philadelphia Soul Composer & Arranger Bruce Hawes

Eugene Pitt & the Jive Five


A tribute to PERVIS JACKSON and … Introducing JESSIE PECK

William Bell Story - Part 1 with the interview with William!

Featuring interviews with Chuck Barksdale of the Dells and Garnet Mimms.

Regular Columns

* Deep Soul

* Quality Time - the quality soul picks from recent CD albums

* Upfront Soul - editor's reviews of fresh CDs

Artist biographies and stories:

The Miki Howard Story - Album by Album

The complete album by album story of Miki Howard, plus full album discography.


Deniece Williams Part 1
Deniece Williams Part 2
Deniece Williams Part 3

Shirley Brown - Part 3 (1989-2008)

Part 2 (1976-89)
Part 1 (1972-75)

The Tymes Story:

The complete Tymes Story including an interview with Al "Ceasar" Berry and the discography