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Billy Paul Discography of Albums

Billy Paul R.I.P. 1934 - 2016

Billy Paul: Feeling Good at the Cadillac Club
US Gamble 5002, 1968
CD reissue on UK BBR, 2014
Buy the CD reissue from our CD Shop

1) Billy Boy
2) Missing You
3) Bluesette
4) Clear Day
5) Just in Time
6) That's Life
7) Don't Think Twice
8) Feelin' Good
9) Somewhere

Billy Paul: Ebony Woman
US Neptune 201 LP, 1970
US Philadelphia International 65931 LP, 1973
CD reissue on UK BBR, 2012
Buy the CD reissue from our CD Shop

1) Ebony Woman
2) Mrs. Robinson
3) The Windmills Of Your Mind
4) Everyday People
5) Let's Fall In Love Again
6) Windy
7) Psychedelic Sally
8) Traces
9) Proud Mary

Billy Paul: Going East
US Philadelphia International 30580 LP, 1971
CD reissue on UK BBR, 2013
Buy this album from our CD Shop

1) East
2) If You Let Me Make Love To You Then Why Can t I Touch You?
3) This Is Your Life
4) Jesus Boy (You Only Look Like A Man)
5) Magic Carpet Ride
6) I Wish It Were Yesterday
7) Compared To What
8) Love Buddies
9) There s A Small Hotel
Bonus Tracks on the CD reissue:
10) Jesus Boy (You Only Look Like A Man Single Version)
11) Magic Carpet Ride (Single Version)
12) This Is Your Life (Single Version)

Billy Paul: 360 Degrees Of Billy Paul
US Philadelphia International 31793 LP, 1972
CD reissue on UK BBR, 2012
Buy this album from our CD Shop

1) Brown Baby
2) I'm Just a Prisoner
3) It's Too Late
4) Me and Mrs. Jones
5) Am I Black Enough for You?
6) Let's Stay Together
7) Your Song
8) I'm Gonna Make It This Time
Bonus tracks:
9) Me And Mrs. Jones (Single Version)
10) Am I Black Enough For You (Single Version) (Clean Version)
11) Me And Mrs. Jones (Live)

Billy Paul: War of the Gods
US Philadelphia International 32409 LP, 1973
CD reissue on UK BBR, 2013
Buy this album from our CD Shop

1) I See the Light
2) War of the Gods
3) The Whole Town's Talking
4) I Was Married
5) Thanks for Saving My Life
6) Peace Holy Peace

Bonus Tracks on the CD reissue:
7) War of the Gods (Part One) (Single Version)
8) The Whole Town's Talking (Single Version)
9) I Was Married (Single Version)

Billy Paul: Live in Europe
US Philadelphia International 32952 LP, 1974
CD-R available at

1) War Of The Gods Introduction / Brown Baby - 9:11
2) Thanks For Saving My Life - 4:19
3) Me And Mrs. Jones - 8:50
4) Your Song - 8:43

Billy Paul: When Love Is New
US Philadelphia International 33843 LP, 1975
CD reissue on UK Edsel, 2010
Buy this album from our CD Shop

1) People Power
2) America (We Need the Light)
3) Let the Dollar Circulate
4) Malorie
5) When Love Is New
6) I Wantcha Baby
7) Let's Make a Baby

Billy Paul: Got My Head On Straight
US Philadelphia International 33157 LP, 1975
No CD reissue currently available

A 1) July, July, July, July 5:30
2) Billy's Back Home 4:33
3) I've Got So Much To Live For 4:51
4) Black Wonders Of The World 8:02
B 1) Enlightenment 4:53
2) When It's Your Time To Go 5:02
3) Be Truthful To Me 3:08
4) Everything Must Change 5:23
5) My Head's On Straight 3:12

Billy Paul: Let 'Em in
US Philadelphia International 34389 LP, 1976
CD reissue on UK Edsel, 2004, out-of-print
1) Let ĎEm In
2) We All Got A Mission
3) How Good Is Your Game
4) Love Wonít Come Easy
5) Without You
6) Word Sure Gets Around
7) I Trust You
8) I Think Iíll Stay Home Today

Billy Paul: Only the Strong Surive
US Philadelphia International 34923 LP, 1977
CD reissue on UK Edsel, 2004, out-of-print
1) Only The Strong Survive
2) Takiní It To The Streets
3) Sooner Or Later
4) One Manís Junk
5) Everybodyís Breakiní Up
6) The Times Of Our Lives
7) Donít Give Up On Us
8) Where I Belong

Billy Paul: First Class
US Philadelphia International 35756 LP, 1979
CD reissue on UK Edsel, 2004, out-of-print
1) False Faces
2) Bring The Family Back
3) Game Of Life
4) Itís Critical
5) Thank You (For This Blessing)
6) What A Way To Love
7) So Glad To See You Again
8) Treasure Of My Life
9) I Gotta Put This Life Down
Bonus Tracks on the Edsel CD reissue:
10) Youíre My Sweetness
11) How Good Is Your Game
12) Bring The Family Back

Billy Paul: Lately
US Total Experience LP 5711, 1985
Reissue CD on UK BBR, 2013
Buy this album from our CD Shop

1) Fire In Her Love
2) Sexual Therapy
3) Lately
4) I Search No More
5) I Only Have Eyes For You
6) Hot Date
7) Get Down To Lovin'
8) Let Me In
9) Me And You
10) On A Clear Day
Bonus track on the BBR reissue:
11) Sexual therapy (Single version)

Billy Paul: Wide Open
US Ichiban LP/CD 1025, 1988

1) Dirty Laundry
2) I'd Rather Be Alone
3) I Just Love You So Much
4) Wide Open
5) This May Be The Love
6) We Could Have Been
7) Love Ain't Easy
8) Here To Eternity

Plus numerous compilations, not listed here.

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