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Read the detailed Solomon Burke story from Soul Express issue 4/2000 and issue 1/2001

Please e-mail all additions/corrections to postmaster @

Solomon Burke

One of the last interviews with SOLOMON BURKE:

Solomon Burke March 21, 1940 - October 10, 2010

Royal Soul - the interview conduted May 6, 2010

Read also:


(label / No. / Titles / (Billboard # r&b/pop) / Year)

Apollo 485) Christmas Presents / When I'm All Alone '56
487) I'm In Love / Why Do Me That Way '56
491) I'm All Alone / To Thee
500) No Man Walks Alone / Walking In A Dream
505) You Can Run But You Can't Hide / A Picture Of You
511) This Is It / I Need You Tonight '57
512) You Are My One Love / For You And You Alone
522) They Always Say / Don't Cry '58
527) My Heart Is A Chapel / This Is It
Singular 1314) Doodle Dee Doo / It's All Right '60
1812) This Little Ring / I'm Not Afraid (also on Mala 420)

As Little Vincent:
Apollo 747) You Don't Send Me Anymore / Always Together '61
748) Honk, Honk, Honk / pt.2 (instrumental without Solomon)

As Solomon Burke again:
Atlantic 2089) Keep The Magic Working / How Many Times
2114) Just Out Of Reach (Of My Two Open Arms) / Be Bop Grandma (7/24)
2131) Cry To Me / I Almost Lost My Mind (5/44) '62
2147) I'm Hanging Up My Heart For You (15/85) / Down In The
Valley (20/71)
2157) I Really Don't Want To Know / Tonight My Heart She Is Crying (-/93)
2170) Go On Back To Him / I Said I Was Sorry
2180) Words / Home In Your Heart (-/121) '63
2185) If You Need Me / You Can Make It If You Try (2/37)
2196) Can't Nobody Love You / Stupidity (-/66)
2205) You're Good For Me / Beautiful Brown Eyes (8/49)
2218) He'll Have To Go / Rockin' Soul (-/51) '64
2226) Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye) / Someone To Love Me (-/33)
2241) Everybody Needs Somebody To Love / Looking For My Baby (-/58)
2254) Yes I Do / Won't You Give Him (One More Chance) (-/92)
2259) The Price / More Rockin' Soul (-/57)
2276) Got To Get You Off My Mind / Peepin' (1/22) '65
2288) Tonight's The Night / Maggie's Farm (2/28)
2299) Someone Is Watching / Dance, Dance, Dance (24/89)
2308) Only Love Can Save Me Now / Little Girl That Loves Me (-/94)
2314) Baby Come On Home / I Can't Stop Loving You Now (31/96) '66
2327) I Feel A Sin Coming On / Mountain Of Pride (-/97)
2345) Lawdy Miss Clawdy / Suddenly
2349) Keep Looking / I Don't Want You No More (38/109)
2359) When She Touches Me / How Do You Make Me Love You Like I Do
2369) Presents For Christmas / A Tear Fell
2378) Keep A Light In The Window Till I Come Home / Time
Is A Thief (15/64) '67
2416) Take Me (Just As I Am) / I Stayed Away Too Long (11/49)
2459) Detroit City / It's Been A Change (47/104)
2483) Party People / Need Your Love So Bad (-/112) '68
2507) I Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel To Be Free) / It's Just A
Matter Of Time (32/68)
2537) Meet Me In Church / Save It
2566) What'd I Say / Get Out Of My Life Woman

759) Up Tight Good Woman / I Can't Stop (47/116) '69
783) Proud Mary / What Am I Living For (15/45)
806) That Lucky Old Sun / How Big A Fool (-/129)
829) The Generation Of Revelations / I'm Gonna Stay Right Here
891) In The Ghetto / God Knows I Love You '70
14185) Lookin' Out My Back Door / All For The Love Of Sunshine
14221) The Electronic Magnetism (That's Heavy, Baby) / Bridge Of Life
(26/96) '71
14279) J.C., I Know Who You Are / The Things Love Will Make You Do
14302) The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down / PSR 1983
14353) Love's Street And Fool's Road / I Got To Tell It (13/89) '72
14402) We're Almost Home / Fight Back (42/-)
14425) Get Up And Do Something For Yourself / Misty (49/-)

1017) I Can't Stop Loving You / pt.2
1022) All I Want For Christmas / I Can't Stop Loving You, pt.1

14571) Shambala / Love Thy Neighbor (97/-) '73
14651) Georgia Up North / Here Comes The Train

1028) My Prayer / Ookie Bookie Man
1038) Sentimental Journey / Vaya Con Dios (with Lady Lee) '74

4388) Midnight And You / I Have A Dream (14/-)

2159) You And Your Baby Blues / I'm Leaving On That Late, Late Train
2172) Let Me Wrap My Arms Around You / Everlasting Love (72/-) '75
401) I'll Never Stop Loving You / Do Right Song '76
30003) I'm Going Back To My Roots / Love's Paradise '77

736) Please Don't Say Goodbye To Me / See That Girl (91/-) '78

50046) Sidewalks, Fences And Walls / Boo Hoo Hoo (Cra-Cra-Craya) '79

3001) Bettin' On America / Cowboy Hat '81

0002) Silent Night / A Christmas Prayer (originally on The Big One in '80) '82

4554) A Change Is Gonna Come / Let It Be You And Me '86
4557) Love Buys Love / What A Man Won't Do For A Woman '87

Outpost, OET-3001 Power '89

The Soul Clan:
2530) Soul Meeting / That's How It Feels (34/91)

Fat Possum:
1090-2) None Of Us Are Free (radio edit)/Don't Give Up On Me (live)/I Need A Holiday ('02)

(only official releases - no compilations, no repackages, no reissues)

SOLOMON BURKE (Apollo 498; '62 - later as Kenwood 498 in '64 and on P-Vine in 2000)
No Man Walks Alone/Why Do Me That Way/You Are My One Love/Don't Cry/I'm All Alone/A Picture Of You//Walking In A Dream/For You And You Alone/I'm In Love/To Thee/I Need You Tonight/You Can Run, But You Can't Hide

Down In The Valley/Just Out Of Reach (Of My Two Open Arms)/How Many Times/Baby (I Wanna Be Loved)/Gotta Travel On/Looking For My Baby//I'm Hanging Up My Heart For You/Cry To Me/I Almost Lost My Mind/A Tear Fell/Be Bop Grandma/Keep The Magic Working

IF YOU NEED ME (Atlantic 8075; '63)
If You Need Me/Words/Stupidity/Go On Back To Him/I Said I Was Sorry/It's All Right//Home In Your Heart/I Really Don't Want To Know/You Can Make It If You Try/Send Me Some Loving/This Little Ring/Tonight My Heart She Is Crying

ROCK 'N SOUL (Atlantic 8096; '64)
Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye)/Cry To Me/Won't You Give Him (One More Chance)/If You Need Me/Hard Ain't It Hard/Can't Nobody Love You//Just Out Of Reach/You're Good For Me/You Can't Love 'Em All/Someone To Love Me/Beautiful Brown Eyes/He'll Have To Go

THE BEST OF SOLOMON BURKE (Atlantic 8109; '65; # 6-r&b, # 141-pop; chart run (r&b) -
6 weeks; chart run (pop) - 3 weeks)
Got To Get You Off My Mind/The Price/Down In The Valley/I'm Hanging Up My Heart For You/If You Need Me/Just Out Of Reach (Of My Two Open Arms)//Cry To Me/Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/Home In Your Heart/Tonight's The Night/I Really Don't Want To Know/Words

KING SOLOMON (Atlantic 8158; '67)
It's Been A Change/Take Me (Just As I Am)/Time Is A Thief/Keep A Light In The Window/Baby, Come On Home/Detroit City//Someone Is Watching/Party People/When She Touches Me (Nothing Else Matters)/Woman, How Do You Make Me Love You Like I Do/It's Just A Matter Of Time/Presents For Christmas

I WISH I KNEW (Atlantic 8185; '68)
I Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel To Be Free)/Get Out Of My Life Woman/Meet Me In Church/By The Time I Get To Phoenix/Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye//What'd I Say/Since I Met You Baby/Save It/Shame On Me/Why, Why, Why

PROUD MARY (Bell 6033; '69; # 140-pop, chart run - 4 weeks)
Proud Mary/These Arms Of Mine/I'll Be Doggone/How Big A Fool (Can A Fool Be)/Don't Wait Too Long//That Lucky Old Sun/Uptight Good Woman/I Can't Stop/Please Send Me Someone To Love/What Am I Living For

The Electronic Magnetism (That's Heavy, Baby)/Three Psalms Of Elton: Your Song & Border Song & Take Me To The Pilot/You Can Run But You Can't Hide/All For The Love Of Sunshine/Together We'll Light Up The World//Stand/PSR 1983/Lookin' Out My Back Door/No Man Walks Alone/J.C. I Know Who You Are/Bridge Of Life

COOL BREEZE (MGM, 1 SE 35 ST; '72)
Cool Breeze/PSR 1983/The Bus/Icbyatht W.T.?/Get Up And Do Something For Yourself//Love's Street And Fool's Road/It Must Be Love/Fight Back/Then I Want To Come Home (instr.)/Then I Want To Come Home (vocal)/We're Almost Home

We're Almost Home/I've Got To Do My Own Thing/I Got To Tell It/Drown In My Own Tears/I Can't Stop Loving You//The Things Love Will Make You Do/Everybody Wants To Fall In Love/Misty/Everything's Going To Be Alright Very Soon/Sweet, Sweet Reason

Just Out Of Reach/I Almost Lost My Mind/Got To Get You Off My Mind/I Can't Stop Loving You/If You Need Me//Love's Street And Fool's Road/Tonight's The Night/The Electronic Magnetism (That's Heavy Baby)/Cry To Me/My Prayer

I HAVE A DREAM (ABC 50161; '74)
I Have A Dream/Now Is The Time/Looking For A Sign/Ring, Ring, Ring/We Can Be Together Again//Social Change/I Ain't Gonna Give Up (Till I Find A Way)/Mountain Top/Medley: Precious Lord, Take My Hand & We Shall Overcome

MUSIC TO MAKE LOVE BY (Chess 60042; '75; # 54-soul, chart run - 6 weeks)
Music To Make Love By (part 1)/Let Me Wrap My Arms Around You/Come Rain Or Come Shine/You And Your Baby Blues//All The Way/Thanks, I Needed That/Everlasting Love/Midnight And You/Music To Make Love By (part 2)

BACK TO MY ROOTS (Chess 19002; '76)
Burning For Your Love/Night And Day/Everybody's Got To Cry Sometime/I'm Going Back To My Roots//Precious Flower/The Do Right Song/Life Has It's Ups And Downs/Over And Over (Hugging And Loving)/I'll Never Stop Loving You

SIDEWALKS, FENCES AND WALLS (Infinity 9024; '79)
Yes I Love You/Heavenly/Does Life Have A Meaning//Sweeter Than Sweetness/Sidewalks, Fences And Walls/Boo Hoo Hoo (Cra-Cra-Craya)/Hold On I'm Coming

Lord We Need A Miracle (Right Now)/I Believe In Jesus (I Believe In God)/Here's My Life/The Holy Ghost Is Smarter Than Me//Pray It Away/It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)/Aunt Margurite/You're The Only One I've Got/I'm Gonna Trust In The Lord (Until I Die)

INTO MY LIFE YOU CAME (Savoy 14679: '82)
Into My Life You Came/Mother Loves Her Children All The Time/Victory (We Shall Be Free)/My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me/Medley: Just A Closer Walk With Thee & This Little Light Of Mine & Amen//Never Alone/Try Jesus/Miracle Can Happen/Time Is Running Out

TAKE ME, SHAKE ME (Savoy 14717; '83)
Take Me, Shake Me/Precious Lord, Take My Hand/Twelve Gates To The City/I Want Jesus To Walk With Me//You Should Be A Witness/Peace In The Valley/Praise Him/Swing Low Sweet Chariot

THIS IS HIS SONG (Savoy 14738; '84)
This Is His Song/I Know He Lives In Me/In The Garden//I'm Gonna Praise Him/Reach Out/Plant My Feet On Higher Ground/Somebody Touched Me

SOUL ALIVE (Rounder 2042/2043; '84)
Introduction & Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/Medley: If You Need Me & Tonight's The Night & You're Good For Me & I Almost Lost My Mind & What Am I Living For & Just Out Of Reach//Medley: monologue & Take Me (Just As I Am) & I Can't Stop Loving You & monologue & I Can't Stop Loving You (reprise) & Down In The Valley & Proud Mary///Medley: Tonight's The Night (reprise) & Beautiful Brown Eyes & Just A Matter Of Time & monologue & Hold What You've Got & He'll Have To Go & Cry To Me//Introduction to encore & Gotta Get You Off My Mind (instr.)/Medley: Meet Me In Church & The Price & Words & monologue/Medley: You're Good For Me (reprise) & Send Me Some Lovin' & Gotta Get You Off My Mind/Medley: Having A Party & Amen

A CHANGE IS GONNA COME (Rounder 2053; '86)
Love Buys Love/Got To Get Myself Some Money/Let It Be You And Me/Love Is All That Matters/Don't Tell Me What A Man Won't Do For A Woman//A Change Is Gonna Come/Here We Go Again/It Don't Get No Better Than This/When A Man Loves A Woman

LOVE TRAP (Royality-Gate MCI Records/Isis-Voice 21336; '87)
Love Trap/Do You Believe In The Hereafter/Every Breath You Take/Daddy Love Bear/Isis (Every Breath You Take)//Nothing But The Truth/Only God Knows/Drive/Sweet Spirit

HOME LAND (Bizarre/Straight 70558; '91)
Baby Please Don't Cry/Try A Little Tenderness/I Don't Need Nobody/Make It Up To You/Stayin' Away/Home Land/I'll Be There/Love Ain't No Easy Place To Be/You're Gonna Love Me

SOUL OF THE BLUES (Black Top 1095; '93)
My Babe/Good Rockin' Tonight/Sufferin' Mind/Letter From My Darling/Don't Deceive Me/Candy/Crawdad Hole/Along About Midnight/Pledging My Love/Lonesome Highway/Street Walking Woman/No Nights By Myself

LIVE AT THE HOUSE OF BLUES (Black Top 1108; '94)
Introduction & Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/Medley: If You Need Me & Tonight's The Night & I Almost Lost My Mind/Cruel World/Cry To Me/Candy & Candy rap/Got To Get You Off My Mind/No More Nights By Myself/Ain't Nobody's Business/Down In The Valley/I Want A Little Girl/Medley: Beautiful Brown Eyes & Just A Matter Of Time/Good Rockin' Tonight

THE DEFINITION OF SOUL (Pointblank 42557; '97)
Why Can't We Come Together/Your Time To Cry/Sweet Spirit/You're The One/Just For You/Oooooo You/Everybody's Got A Game (with Little Richard)/Today Is Your Birthday/Use Me, But Leave My Mind Alone/It's So Hard/Nobody But You

Not By Water, But Fire This Time/I'm Trusting In Him/Turn This Thing Around/He Knows How Much We Can Bear/Music Box/In The Midst Of Us/Mighty Rushing Wind/Thank You, Jesus.../The Word Of God/I'm Blessed/How Will I Know?/Silent Prayer/Praise Him & Yes Lord/It's Over

Season's Greetings/Jingle Bells/White Christmas/You're All I Want And Need For Christmas/Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer/It's Christmas All Over The World/Christmas Eve's Blues/Something Good This Christmas/What Are You Doing New Year's Eve/The Christmas Song "Chestnuts Roasting"/The BetleHem Story/Joy To The World/Bring Me Closer/The Christmas Prayer

THE COMMITMENT (GTROC7994251SB, Canada; 2001)
The Commitment/Sweeter Than Honey/Send For Me/Harder Than A Rock/Because I Love You/Love You For The Rest Of My Life/I’m Going To Be True, part 1/part 2/Sooner Or Later/The Instruction/For Better Or Worse/The Wedding Ceremony/The Wedding Song Reception/Words To The Wise/Looking For A Job

DON'T GIVE UP ON ME (Fat Possum 80358)
Don't Give Up On Me/Fast Train/Diamond In Your Mind/Flesh And Blood /Soul Searchin´/Only A Dream/The Judgement/Stepchild/The Other Side Of The Coin /None Of Us Are Free/Sit This One Out ('02)

Derek Trucks Band: JOYFUL NOISE (Columbia 86507; '02)
Home In Your Heart/Like Anyone Else

MAKE DO WITH WHAT YOU GOT (Shout! Factory, DK 34357), 2005
I Need Your Love In My Life/What Good Am I?/It Makes No Difference/Let Somebody Love Me/After All These Years/Fading Footsteps/At The Crossroads/I've Got The Blues/Make Do With What You Got/Wealth Won't Save Your Soul

NASHVILLE (Shout! Factory 826663-10179) 2006
That's How I Got To Memphis / Seems Like You're Gonna Take Me Back / Tomorrow Is Forever (with Dolly Parton) / Ain't Got You / Valley Of The Tears (with Gillian Welch) / Honey Where's The Money Gone / Atta Way To Go / Millionaire / Up On The Mountain (with Patty Griffin) / Does My Ring Burn Your Finger / Vicious Circle / We're Gonna Hold On (with Emmylou Harris) / You're The Kind Of Trouble (with Patty Loveless) / 'Til I Get It Right

LIKE A FIRE (Shout! Factory 826663-10846) 2008
Like A Fire / We Don't Need It/The Fall / A Minute To Rest And A Second To Pray (feat. Ben Harper) / Ain't That Something / What Makes Me Think I Was Right / Understanding / You And Me / Thank You / If I Give My Heart To You

Oh What A Feeling / Everything About You / Dreams / Nothing's Impossible / It Must Be Love / You Needed Me / Say You Love Me Too / You're Not Alone / New Company / When You're Not Here / The Error Of My Ways / I'm Leavin'

HOLD ON TIGHT (Solomon Burke & De Dijk) (Universal Music, 2010)
Hold On Tight / My Rose Saved From The Street / What A Woman / No One / More Beauty / I Gotta Be With You / Seventh Heaven / Good For Nothing Text Me / Don’t Despair / The Bend / Perfect Song

THE LAST GREAT CONCERT (Rockbeat 3092; 2-CD) 2012
That's How I Got To Memphis / Fast Train / Diamond In Your Mind / Cry To Me / Georgia On My Mind / Like A Fire / Down In The Valley / Medley: If You Need Me & Tonight's The Night & Almost Lost My Mind & He'll Have To Go & I Can't Stop Loving You / Detroit City / A Change Is Gonna Come / None Of Us Are Free / (Band Introduction) / I Will Survive (feat. Candy Burke)// Misty Blue / Got To Get You Off My Mind / Don't Give Up On Me / Atta Way To Go / Medley: Proud Mary & Lucille & Good Golly Miss Molly & Tutti Frutti & Rock This Joint / Medley: Johnny B. Goode & Shake, Ratlle & Roll & Lucille / I Give My Heart To You / I Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel To Be Free) / What A Wonderful World / Silent Night, Holy Night / Everybody Needs Somebody To Love

CD COMPILATIONS (that should be available):

To Thee/Why Do Me That Way/This Is It/My Heart Is A Chapel/A Picture Of You/You Can Run, But You Can't Hide/Friendship Ring/I'm Not Afraid/Don't Cry/Christmas Presents/I'm In Love/Leave My Kitten Alone/No Man Walks Alone/I'm All Alone/I Need You Tonight/Walking In A Dream/You Are My One Love/For You And You Alone/This Little Ring/They Always Say/Mama, Mama Dear

= Atlantic 8067

IF YOU NEED ME (Sequel 860; '87)
= Atlantic 8075

ROCK 'N SOUL (Sequel 861; '97)
= Atlantic 8096 + Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/Yes I Do/The Price/Got To Get You Off My Mind/Peepin'/Little Girl That Loves Me / Dance, Dance, Dance/Maggie's Farm

IF YOU NEED ME/ROCK 'N SOUL (Collectables 6225; '98)
= Atlantic 8075 and 8096

KING SOLOMON (Sequel 862; '97)
= Atlantic 8158 + Tonight's The Night/Only Love (Can Save Me Now)/I Don't Want You Anymore/(No, No, No) I Can't Stop Loving You Now

I WISH I KNEW (Sequel 863; '97)
= Atlantic 8185 + I Feel A Sin Coming On/Lawdy Miss Clawdy/Mountain Of Pride/Suddenly/Keep Lookin'/I Stayed Away Too Long/Need Your Love So Bad

= Atlantic 8158 and 8185

HOME IN YOUR HEART (Rhino/Atlantic 70284; '92; a double-cd)
Home In Your Heart/Down In The Valley/Looking For My Baby/I'm Hanging Up My Heart For You/Cry To Me/Just Out Of Reach (Of My Two Open Arms)/Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye)/Words/Stupidity/Send Me Some Loving/Go On Back To Him/Baby (I Wanna Be Loved)/Can't Nobody Love You/Got To Get You Off My Mind/Someone To Love Me/You're Good For Me/Dance, Dance, Dance/Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/Tonight's The Night/Baby, Come On Home/If You Need Me/The Price//Get Out Of My Life Woman/Save It/Take Me (Just As I Am)/When She Touches Me (Nothing Else Matters)/I Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel To Be Free)/Party People/Keep A Light In The Window/I Feel A Sin Coming On/Meet Me In Church/Someone Is Watching/Detroit City/Shame On Me/I Stayed Away Too Long/It's Just A Matter Of Time/Since I Met You Baby/Time Is A Thief/Woman, How Do You Make Me Love You Like I Do/It's Been A Change/What'd I Say

THE VERY BEST OF SOLOMON BURKE (Rhino/Atlantic 72972; '98)
Just Out Of Reach/Cry To Me/Down In The Valley/I'm Hanging Up My Heart For You/If You Need Me/Can't Nobody Love You/You're Good For Me/Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye)/Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/The Price/Got To Get You Off My Mind/Tonight's The Night/Someone Is Watching/Take Me (Just As I Am)/I Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel To Be Free)/Soul Meeting

I'm Not Afraid (rec. in '60)/Poppin'/Let's Face It/Without Love ('62)/Lili Marlene/You May Be Holding My Baby ('64)/Don't Hold On/When You Got Love ('65)/Loving By The Pounds/The Door You Closed To Me/Meet Me In The Shadows Of The Night/One Night Is All I Need/Ain't Nobody Home/The Love Of My Woman/Get It While You Can ('67)/What Is This World Coming To ('68)

BISHOP RIDES SOUTH (Charly 1187; '88)
= Bell 6033 + Generation Of Revelations/I'm Gonna Stay Right Here/God Knows I Love You/In The Ghetto

PROUD MARY/THE BELL SESSIONS (Sundazed, SC 11079; 2000)
= Bell 6033 + She Thinks I Still Care/I'm Gonna Stay Right Here/The Generation Of Revelations/In The Ghetto/God Knows I Love You/The Mighty Quinn/Change Is Gonna Come

LET YOUR LOVE FLOW (Shanachie 9202; '93)
Boo Hoo Hoo (Cra-Cra-Craya)/Sidewalks, Fences And Walls/Lucky/More/Please Come Back Home To Me/Let Your Love Flow/See That Girl/Sweeter Than Sweetness/Please Don't Say Goodbye To Me/Hold On, I'm Coming

THE KING OF SOUL (Charly 8014; '95 - earlier on vinyl as Charlie 1024; '80)
Boo Hoo Hoo (Cra-Cra-Craya)/Hold On, I'm Coming/Sweeter Than Sweetness/Sidewalks, Fences And Walls/Let Your Love Flow/More/Lucky/Please Come Back Home To Me

BEST OF SOLOMON BURKE (Curb 77422; '91)
Just Out Of Reach (Of My Two Open Arms)/Cry To Me/If You Need Me/I Have A Dream/Looking For A Sign/I Ain't Gonna Give Up/Now Is The Time/We Can Be Together Again/Ring Ring Ring/Social Change/Mountain Top/Precious Lord, Take My Hand & We Shall Overcome

WE NEED A MIRACLE (Malaco 501 3116; '98)
Twelve Gates To The City/I Believe In Jesus (I Believe In God)/Never Alone/Mother Loves Her Children All The Time/This Little Light Of Mine/Aunt Margurite/You Should Be A Witness/Lord, We Need A Miracle Right Now/I Want Jesus To Walk With Me

KING OF ROCK 'N' SOUL (Black Top 7006; '98)
Good Rockin' Tonight/My Babe/Lonesome Highway/Letter From My Darling/Street Walkin' Woman/Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/Medley: If You Need Me & Tonight's The Night & I Almost Lost My Mind/Down In The Valley/Got To Get You Off My Mind

V.A. - GOSPEL AT CHRISTMAS (Hob 3525; '93): Let's Keep The Christ In Christmas
(+ Silent Night/Christmas Prayer)

V.A. - TILL THE NIGHT IS GONE/A TRIBUTE TO DOC POMUS: Still In Love (Rhino 71878; '95)

THIS IS IT (Shout 46, U.K.) 2008
I'm All Alone/Christmas Presents/I'm In Love/Why Do Me That Way / To Thee/No Man Walks Alone/Walking In A Dream/You Can Run But You Can't Hide / A Picture Of You/I Need You Tonight/This Is It/For You And You Alone/You Are My One Love/They Always Say/Don't Cry/My Heart Is A Chapel

Acknowledgements to Yoni Neeman and to Yutaka Sakurai's Soul Encyclopedia. Please visit Yoni's website at Also to David Cole (our "atticted" Basement man) and Michel Ruppli's Atlantic Records - A Discography.
Heikki Suosalo

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