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Chris Jasper: The Love That You Give / It’s A Miracle

Reviewed by Barry Towler

Rating: 7/ 10

CHRIS JASPER – The Love That You Give / It’s A Miracle
Gold City Digital Single 2018

So much is now in the digital realm, and this double-headed digital release should be viewed as a double A-Side single. In old money, that is! I personally felt that Chris’ last album from 2016, “Share With Me”, was one of his best albums in many years – not that any release is poor or lacking. So, let’s roll on to the present day and we await a new album this Summer.

For this 2018 release, Chris has opted for both Secular and non-secular tunes to showcase where he operates best: from the heart. More than this, if anyone needs convincing who the musical genius behind the Isley’s entire 1970s / early 1980s output is, listen no further! Now, I I were to say that ‘The Love That You Give” epitomized everything about the classic mid 70s mellow groove standard that we are used to, do not imagine for a second that Chris is on a backwards journey. We are talking about STYLE here, folks, and this song gives it to us in waves. Melodically we are on par with the best of the best – think “For The Love Of You” and you’re in the right vicinity but with a quality 2018 edge.

Chris Jasper is a preacher, and his sermon is all forms of true, genuine LOVE. Whether it is the love from God, or his wife and family, this is the foundation that supports all of Chris’ music. Thankfully it seems like an everlasting resource. What he has in him, coming from him, is pure in every sense.

For my sentiments above, I also pour onto the Gospel “It’s A Miracle”. Both songs have been aired on Solar Radio much to my delight, and I hope that in this new digital age for music that these songs get supported and aired as far and wide as possible. This midtempo gem with some luxurious piano and overlaid Jasper harmonies is simply...immaculate.

On the basis on these two songs alone, I would say that the album was already an essential purchase already. Available from all quality digital music sites.

- Barry Towler, The Vibe Scribe

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