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Private Conversations

One Stop Funk Shop CD, 2012

1) Private Conversation 4:26 2) Save Your Precious Time 4:47 3) Let's Fall Back 8:27 4) Delectable U 5:54 5) Perfect Day 5:45 6) Already In Love 5:16 7) Recognise Your Smile 4:42 8) Happysad 4:59 9) This Time (It's Personal) 5:37 10) I'd Like 2 Get 2 Know U 6:11 11) I'll Be Around 4:14

Confection should need no introduction from me...this Australian duo have the mid 80s boogie times vibe perfectly sown up on this, their second release on their One Stop Funk Shop imprint. For my money the album far exceeds even the excellence set by their first album. If you crave a solid groove, intricately and lovingly crafted with knowledge of essential song elements such as rhythm, melody, groove and lyrics and structure then this is for you. For me there are no real fillers, and two SERIOUSLY strong songs that wipe the floor with any of the whinging, whining, nasal, autotuned spotty gang-related lobotomised RnB crap pouring out of the US.

The first song is a strong pop-soul cut which reminds me of Alphabeat’s chart-topping hit “Fascination” (yes, I DID buy that – I have a wide and varied taste!!!) which may not be your cup of tea, but it is happy, positive sounding and gets you going, especially first thing in the morning. As a pop record it delivers and that’s good enough for me. Should you be one of those who have the time or opportunity to listen to quality radio then you should already be aware of the SUPERB leader single, “Save Your Precious Time”...plenty of bassline, 80s synth and hand-clapping beats that take us back to the early 1980s. Superb. “Let’s Fall Back” is a real Solar sounding effort and I love every single second of it...just waiting for Howard Hewett and Jody Watley to kick in on this!

The first cut that made me hit repeat twice in a row was “Delectable You”...imagine Kashif meets Jam & Lewis circa 1983...slap bass...icy cold keys and super sexy vocals from the super sexy Juanita minded lyrics that lean towards Soulpersona’s “Candy Wrapper”...this is just superb. I cannot recommend this enough. Forget R&B 2012 stylee when this stuff can still be made in quality measure! The Narada Michael Walden sounding “Perfect Day” would have been a big hit circa 1985, not alas today as there is no swearing in it. “Already In Love” has a Simphouse Productions stamped all over it – it hasn’t, of course, but shows us how brilliant Confection actually are in making quality music for our superior adult, seasoned ears.

The melancholic “Recognise My Smile” is as close to a ballad as you will find on here, and tip-top it is too. Juanita has a beautiful voice and perfect for this kind of midtempo swayer. She totally excels herself on the KILLER midtempo groove “Happysad” on which she is joined by Josh Beagley who has an INCREDIBLE soulful voice...Josh has the best blue-eyed soul talent that I have heard since the likes of Dino and Nick Scotti. “This Time It’s Personal” and “I’d Like 2 Get 2 Know U” remind me of Nu Shooz and Juicy respectively, and these ain’t complaints, believe me!

OK, Confection are back and they still mean business. Music like this is NOT about sticking our heads in the sand and looking backwards. It’s not backward looking. Many outside the American musical toilet bowl are realising’s music scene is. They are making NEW music for Y2K ears with all the sensibilities of the 1980s. Otherwise they would be yet another soundalike or tribute band with limited musical devices. Like their peers, Bennson, Confection are fresh, crucial and exactly what is needed in a dark age of dullness, lack of credibility or groove. Long live Confection and their like! An essential album for lovers of soulful groove.

Barry Towler

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