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Soul Express CD Single Review

Me Holding U
(US Music Alliance CD Single, 2008)

This song is the business! No one could ever possibly replace the late, great genius of Barry White, and his passing left a serious void not only in the music world, but in contemporary culture. We have had a number of quality – and very successful – musical offspring in the past: Gerald Levert, The Reddings, Natalie Cole, Lance Ellington, The Whitehead Brothers, Floyd Taylor¨...the list goes on, but now is the turn of Barry’s son, Darryl D. White, who is more than capable of carrying on the awesome legacy that his father left us all.
Darryl, when he talks sounds EXACTLY like his father, and when the dialogue unfolds within the song one could be forgiven for thinking that it was, in fact, Barry White we were listening to. Vocally, though, Darryl has less of his father’s unique vocal, and more of a Will Downing cum Kevin Nash inflection, and he projects the higher notes similar to Alton Wokie Stewart. There is still, of course, a deep growl that rises up from the loins and ends up caressing the ears and it is then that we listen, smile and know that the legacy not only continues, but also is in very safe hands. I am sure that this song will definitely please the Ladies!

Darryl phrases in a similar fashion to his father, but it is more than clear that Darryl, legacy withstanding, is definitely his own man with his own style. Darryl has nothing to prove. The talent is obvious and who can argue with such a phenomenal genetic heritage?! As for the song itself, the groove of “Me Holding U” is stripped down, gentle and sets out in no uncertain terms to reassure and woo the object of his affections, and is at the very same time a tribute to his wonderful father. Utilizing an acoustic guitar and rumbling synth line, the sensuous nature of the song is handled with expert hands.
- Barry Towler

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