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Fertile Ground Discography of Albums


Here's the CD discography of the cult soul-jazz group Fertile Ground, "the Baltimore sensation". "Why is the band a sensation? There isn't another act out there capable of more polish, sincerity, or creativity on a single album" - Thom Jurek, All Music Guide

Blackout Studios 21277, 1998
1) Libations 2) Field Interlude 3) Cotton Fields 4) Soulmates 5) Lovin' You 6) Patches in the Shade (Stay Strong) 7) Interlude (N-Luv) 8) Black Sunshine 9) Groove Intro 10) Sentimental Groove 11) Ghetto Butterflies 12) Sangoma 13) Sweet Melodies 14) En Hiver (In Winter)

Blackout Studios 21278, 1999 / UK 24-7 Records 2000
Available from our CD Shop

1) Libations 2) Spiritual War 3) Broken Branches 4) Be Natural 5) Natural Reggae 6) Holyman 7) Peace & Love 8) Misguided Warriors 9) Groove 10) Let the Wind Blow 11) Colors of the Night 12) Runaway Slave 13) Homage (Yesterdays) 14) Brazil 15) My Friend the Moon 16) New Born Grass 17) June

UK Counterpoint CRCD 013, 2001
1) Libations 2) Spiritual War 3) Broken Branches 4) Be Natural 5) Peace & Love 6) Let The Wind Blow 7) Colours Of The Night 8) Soulmates 9) Patches In The Shade (Stay Strong) 10) Misguided Warrior 11) Runaway Slave 12) Homage (Yesterday) 13) Sentimental Groove 14) Black Sunshine 15) Ghetto Butterflies 16) My Friend The Moon


Blackout Studios 21279, 2002 / UK Counterpoint CRCD 017
Available from our CD Shop
1) Rise 2) Freedom 3) Seasons Change 4) The Moment 5) Like Poetry 6) Dance 7) Culture Bandits 8) Illumination 9) One Mo Gin 10) 6/8 11) More To Life 12) Drive 13) Take Me Higher 14) Come To Me 15) I Remember You 16) Star People

UK Counterpoint CRCD 018, 2003
1) Spritual War Kaidi - Tatham remix listen 2) The Moment - Ayro remix 3) Let The Wind Blow - Gucciman remix 4) Illumination - FGs Afrobeat version 5)Peace and Love - Jazztronik Remix 6) Illumination - Oneness of Two Mix 7) Let The Wind Blow - Oneness of Two Mix 8)The Moment - Seiji Remix listen 9)Take Me Higher - Waiwan Remix listen 10) Star People - Ebb Remix

Blackout Studios 8253463772, 2004
Available from our CD Shop
1) Spirit World 2) Light Shed'n 3) Live in the Light 4) Another Day 5) An Artist Prayer 6) Shout 7) Changing Woman 8) A Blues for Me 9) Yellow Daisies 10) Black Is... 11) Naked 12) You 13) On the Day 14) Reprise

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