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Gwen Guthrie
US Island LP 90004 /UK Island LP 9699, 1982
CD reissue by Dutch Vinyl Masterpiece, 2008
Available from our CD Shop
1) Peek-A-Boo 2) Getting Hot 3) Your Turn To Burn 4) Dance Fever 5) For You (With A Melody Too) 6) It Should Have Been You 7) Is This Love? 8) God Don't Like Ugly
Bonus tracks on the CD reissue:
9) It should have been you (Larry Levan Mix) (7:05)
10) Peek A Boo (6:27) (Extended mix)

US Island LP 9758, 1983
CD reissue by Dutch Vinyl Masterpiece, 2008
Available from our CD Shop
1) Peanut Butter 2) Seventh Heaven 3) You’re the one 4) Family Affair 5) Hopscotch 6) Younger than me 7) Padlock 8) Oh What a Life
Bonus tracks on the CD reissue:
09) Peanut Butter (6:05) (Special Mix by Larry Levan)
10) Hopscotch (7:25) (Larry Levan Remix Instrumental)
11) Padlock (6:57) (Special Mix by Larry Levan)

Just for You
UK Island/4th & B'way LP 505, 1984
CD reissue by Japanese Universal CD, 2008
Available from our CD Shop
1) Put Love In Control 2) Love In Moderation 3) Just For You 4) I Gotta Have You 5) Feel It No More 6) Oh, Donny, No 7) Joy Riders 8) Thrill Me

US Garage/Island 2001 Mini-LP / UK Garage/Island IMA2, 1985
CD reissue by Dutch Vinyl Masterpiece, 2008
Available from our CD Shop
1) Peanut Butter Prelude 2) Hopscotch 3) Seventh Heaven 4) Getting Hot 5) Getting Hot Prelude 6) Peanut Butter 7) Padlock
Bonus tracks on the CD reissue:
8) Hopscotch [Larry Levan Remix Instrumental] 9) Seventh Heaven [Album Mix] 10) Padlock [Album Mix] 11) Getting Hot [Original 12" Version] 12) Peanut Butter [Original 12" Version] 13) Padlock [Larry Levan Remix - Short Vocal] 14) Hopscotch [Album Mix]

Good to Go Lover
US Polydor LP 5201 / CD 829532-2, 1986
Available from our CD Shop
1) (They Long to Be) Close to You 2) Outside in the Rain 3) Good to Go Lover 4) You Touched My Life 5) Ain't Nothin' Goin' on But the Rent 6) I Still Want You 7) Stop Holding Back 8) Passion Eyes

US Warner LP 154, Jellybean Productions LP/CD 25698, 1988
Available from our CD Shop
1) Destiny 2) Bye Bye Lover 3) Rockin' Chair 4) What Would I Do Without You 5) Can't Love You Tonight 6) Send Me Somebody (Why Don't Cha) 7) Once More With Feeling 8) Don't Take Your Love from Me 9) Too Many Fish in the Sea
CD Bonus track:
10) The Surgeon General's Funky 4/4 Mix

Hot Times
US Reprise LP/CD 26238, 1990
Available from our CD Shop
1) Is There a Spark? 2) Miss My Love 3) Say It Isn't So 4) Sweet Bitter Love (CD bonus track) 5) I'll Give My Best to You (duet with George Benson) 6) Feel Good 7) Hot Time in Harlem 8) Our Love 9) Same Ole Thang 10) Never Knew Love Like This Before


Ticket to Ride
Available from our CD Shop
Island, 1987
1) Ticket To Ride 4:10 2) Peek-A-Boo 5:49 3) Younger Than Me 4:06 4) Oh What A Life 5:34 5) It Should Have Been You 5:16 6) Family Affair 4:53 7) Seventh Heaven 4:23 8) You're The One 5:00

The Ultimate Collection
US Hip-O Records CD, 1999
Available from our CD Shop
1) Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But The Rent 2) Padlock 3) Outside In The Rain 4) Peanut Butter 5) It Should Have Been You 6) Oh What A Life 7) Close To You (They Long To Be) 8) Seventh Heaven 9) Oh Donny No 10) Is This Love 11) Younger Than Me 12) God Don't Like Ugly 13) Peek-A-Boo 14) There Is Nothing Happening Besides The Rent

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