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Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes Discography

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US Philadelphia International 31648, 1972
NOTE: The album was originally issued by this title "I Miss You", but after the success of "If You Don't Know Me By Now" the album was reprinted with a new cover and title: "Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes" and the subtitle "Featuring If You Don't Know Me by Now and I Miss You".
CD reissue by US Epic Legacy 2004 / UK BBR 2010
1) I Miss You 8:38
2) Ebony Woman 3:41
3) Yesterday I Had The Blues 7:33
4) If You Don't Know Me By Now 3:27
5) Be For Real 7:31
6) Let Me Into Your World 2:40
7) Let It Be You 3:33

Bonus tracks on the BBR CD reissue:
8) I Miss You (Part I - Single Version) 3:20
9) Yesterday I Had The Blues (Single Version) 3:54
10) Be For Real (Single Version) 3:24
11) If You Don't Know Me By Now (Live Version) 4:08

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US Philadelphia International 32407, 1973
CD reissues by Japanese Sony 1994, 2008 / US Sony 2008 / UK BBR 2010
1) Cabaret
2) The Love I Lost
3) It All Depends on You
4) Concentrate on Me
5) Satisfaction Guaranteed (Or Take Your Love Back)
6) Is There a Place for Me
7) I'm Weak for You
8) I'm Comin' Home Tomorrow

Bonus tracks on the BBR CD reissue:
9) The Love I Lost (Single Version)
10) I'm Weak for You (Single Version)

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US Philadelphia International 33148, 1975
CD reissue by Sony Music 1998
1) Where Are All My Friends
2) To Be True
3) Pretty Flower
4) Hope That We Can Be Together Soon
5) Nobody Could Take Your Place
6) Somewhere Down The Line
7) Bad Luck
8) It's All Because Of A Woman

Buy the CD reissue from our CD Shop

Buy the CD reissue from our CD Shop

US Philadelphia International 33808, 1975
CD reissues by PIR / Epic Legacy / UK Edsel 2010
1) Wake Up Everybody
2) Keep On Loving You
3) You Know How To Make Me Feel So Good f. Sharon Paige
4) Don't Leave Me This Way
5) Tell The World
6) To Be Free
7) I'm Searching For A Love

Bonus tracks on the 2008 Sony Legacy / UK Edsel CD reissue:
8) Don't Leave Me This Way [Tom Moulton Mix] - Bonus Track

US ABC 969, 1976
No CD reissue currently available
A 1) Reaching For The World 4:24
2) Where There's A Will - There's A Way 4:05
3) After You Love Me, Why Do You Leave Me 4:42
4) Sandman 4:25
B 1) Hostage Part 1 & 2 6:30
2) He Loves You And I Do Too 3:37
3) Big Singing Star 3:33
4) Stay Together 5:00

US ABC 1041, 1977
No CD reissue currently available
A 1) Where's The Concern For The People 5:44
2) Baby, You Got My Nose Open 5:05
3) Let's Talk It Over 8:04
4) Feels Like Magic 6:19
B 1) Now Is The Time 6:08
2) Power Of Love 7:29
3) Today, Tomorrow, Forever 4:21
4) Try To Live A Day 4:22

US Source 3197, 1979
CD reissue US Valley Vue, 1992, not currently available
A 1) Tonight's The Night 8:09
2) Prayin' 5:58
3) Baby I'm Back 4:50
B 1) I Should Be Your Lover 5:50
2) If You're Looking For Someone To Love 4:50
3) Your Love Is Taking Me On A Journey 5:55

Buy the CD reissue from our CD Shop

US MCA 5261, 1981
CD reissue EU Vinyl-Masterpiece/PTG, 2010
1) Hang on in There
2) I'm in Love with You
3) Tell Me Why
4) If You Love Me, Really Love Me
5) Ain't That Love
6) Have I Told You I Love You Today
7) All Things Happen in Time
8) Come Go with Me

Buy the CD reissue from our CD Shop

US Philly World 90187, 1984
CD reissue by US Hot Productions 1996 / UK BBR, 2012
1) Don't Give Me Up
2) Time to Be My Lover
3) Talk It up (Tell Everybody)
4) I Really Love You
5) Today's Your Lucky Day
6) This Is the Love
7) I Can't Let Go
8) What We Both Need (Is Love)

Bonus tracks on the UK BBR CD reissue:
9) Don't Give Me Up (12" Version)
10) Today's Your Lucky Day (7" Version)
11) I Really Love You (7" Version)
12) I Can't Let You Go (7" Version)
13) Don't Give Me Up (7" Version)

Plus various compilation sets, not listed here.

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