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The Soul Express Album of the Month

July 2000

DERICK HUGHES All For Love (US Be 4 Real)
Fascinating - I Think About - Love And The Lady - More Than Love - All For Love - More Than Love - Maybe - Segue - Somehow - The Way You Love - Can You Say Love - Want And Desire - Crazy - Sho Nuff In Love - Segue - Hip City - Segue - Ebony Child - All For Love
THIS IS A CD TO DIE FOR. A small label, and a BIG voice. If you want funky steppers in a modern tone but without the streey trappings of the major label homeboys then you will find a home here. Alternatively, those like myself who like the more downtempo stuff will salivate over some of the material on here. Rousing is best decribing the opening song, with the man sounding very much like Phil Perry when he belts out his voice. A persistant groove and a funky beat make this an irresistible song!
The temperature rises and the tempo drops proprtionately for the lowdown wah-wah filled ballad I Think About - you should love this; the vocals are the best! Ah! The real KILLER is track three, Love And The Lady. I was captured in this song from the very first moment. I was both amazed and overjoyed to see that my suspicions were right about the spine-tingling production: Mr. Monté Moir. If you loved his work in the 1980s with artists such as Steven Danté, Deniece Williams and Junior amongst others then this song will knock you dead. Derick Hughes gives us a STRONG soul delivery that many can only hope to achieve. So, I guess you know I love this song, right?!
The other Moir composition, Want And Desire is a strong midtempo cut that harks back to his '80s heyday. SUPERB. If these aren't enogh, the Stevie Wonder-ish melody of More Than Love, the early New Jack Swing sound of All For Love (imagine Phil Perry meeting Bryan Powell) will put the icing on your cake. As I say, this set is a real treat for lovers of quality modern soul. With Jevetta Steele and Ann Nesby making vocal appearances this set is too hot to miss. If only the majors could open their arms to embrace such artists, then the current R'n'B scene would be a whole lot healthier than it is! MANDATORY.

The review by Barry Towler exclusively for RECORD CORNER, which is one of the leading soul shops in the world. The review is not featured in our printed issue.

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