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Jean Carne Discography of Albums

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Jean Carn: Jean Carn
US Philadelphia International LP 34394, 1976
Reissue CD by UK Edsel, 2004 and Japanese NSOP/Sony Music Japan CD, 2010, Papersleeve edition
1) Free Love
2) No Laughing Matter
3) Iím In Love Once Again
4) Donít You Know Love When You See It
5) Where Did You Ever Go
6) You Are All I Need
7) If You Wanna Go Back
8) You Got A Problem
9) Time Waits For No One

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Jean Carne: Happy to Be with You
US Philadelphia International LP 34986, 1978
Reissue CD by UK Edsel, 2004 and US Right Stuff, 1994

1) Thereís A Shortage Of Good Men
2) Together Once Again
3) (No, No) You Canít Come Back Now
4) Revelation / Infant Eyes
5) Happy To Be With You
6) Donít Let It Go To Your Head
7) I Bet She Wonít Love You Like I Do 8) You Light Up My Life

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Jean Carn: When I Find You Love
US Philadelphia International LP 36916, 1979
Reissue CD by UK Edsel, 2004

1) When I Find You Love
2) My Love Donít Come Easy
3) Start The Fire
4) All I Really Need Is You
5) Lonely Girl In A Cold Cold World
6) Whatís On Your Mind
7) Give It up
8) Was That All It Was

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Jean Carn: Sweet and Wonderful
US TSOP LP 36775, 1981
Reissue CD on German Repertoire, 1992 and UK Edsel, 2004

1) Bet Your Lucky Star
2) Donít Say No (To Love)
3) Sweet And Wonderful [duet with Glenn Jones]
4) Love Donít Love Nobody
5) We Got Some Catchiní Up To Do
6) Mystic Stranger
7) I Just Thought Of A Way
8) Love (Makes Me Do Foolish Things)

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Jean Carn: Trust Me
US Motown LP 6010, 1982
Reissue CD on EU Vinyl-Masterpiece/PTG, 2010
1) Steady on My Mind
2) Don't Let Me Slip Away
3) Trust Me
4) Super Explosion
5) My Baby Loves Me
6) If You Don't Know Me by Now
7) Completeness
8) Better to Me

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Jean Carne: Closer Than Close
US Omni LP/CD 90492, 1986
Reissue CD on UK Expansion Records, 2011
Bonus Tracks on the reissue CD:
10) Lovergirl (US 7" Single) 3:59
11) Lovergirl (US Special 12" Dance Mix) 5:53
12) Lovergirl (US Single - Instrumental) 6:10
13) Jammin (Dance Mix - Long Version) 8:20
14) Out On A Limb (US 12" Single Edit) 5:31

Jean Carne: You're a Part of Me
US Atlantic LP 81811, 1988, EU RCA CD, 1988
No CD reissue currently available
1) You're A Part Of Me
2) Heartache
3) Ain't No Way
4) Givin' Up On Love
5) Let Me Be The One
6) Closer To You
7) Walking The Line
8) Don't Want To Love Anymore
9) Early Morning Love

Jean Carne: Sings McCoy
US Van McCoy Music CD VAMMI-1, 1995
1) This Is It
2) Sweet Bitter Love
3) Baby I'm Yours (House Mix)
4) Times Have Changed
5) Givin' up
6) Walk Softly
7) Either Way I Lose
8) Stay a While
9) I'll Be Loving You
10) When You're Young and in Love
11) Lean on Me
12) Baby I'm Yours
13) The Hustle

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Jean Carne: Love Lessons
US Moja Entertainment Group CD 25719032, 1995 and UK Expansion XECD 6, 1995
Reissue CD on US Peter Pan, 1998
1) Don't Stop Doin Whatcha Doin
2) Make Love
3) Good Thing Goin On (Special Guest Billy Paul)
4) So I Can Love You
5) Have I Told You That I Love You
6) No One Does It Better
7) Fallin' For You
8) It's Not For Me To Say/ Chances Are
9) Misty
10) Someone To Watch Over Me

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Jean Carn & Friends: The Sound of Philadelphia: Live in Europe
UK Expansion All regions PAL DVD, 2005
1) Free Love 2) If You Wanna Go Back 3) Start the Fire 4) Sweet & Wonderful 5) My Funny Valentine 6) Things Are Gonna Get Better 7) You Are My Sunshine 8) Trust Me 9) I'm in Love Once Again 10) Life on Mars 11) Night Over Egypt 12) If Only You Knew 13) The Sweetest Pain 14) Living All Alone 15) Don't Let It Go to Your Head 16) If You Believe 17) Only the Strong Survive 18) Going East 19) Bring the Family Back 20) Good Thing Goin' on 21) You Are So Beautiful 22) Me & Mrs. Jones 23) Was That All It Was

Buy the CD from our CD Shop

Jean Carn, Shirley Jones & Cherrelle: Ladies Night Out (Live)
US Steppin' Muzak Records CD, 2007
Jean Carn:
1) What You Won't Do For Love
2) Love Don't Love Nobody
3) Don't Let It Go To Your Head
4) Ain't No Way
5) Closer Than Close
Shirley Jones:
6) This Feelings Killing Me
7) Who Can I Run To
8) Nights Over Egypt
9) Do You Get Enough Love
10) You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else
11) You Look Good To Me
12) Everything I Missed At Home
13) Saturday Love

On the DVD version of the same, Jean Carn also performs "Sweet Thing"

Jean Carne: Flashback
US Society Hill CD/download 98632-1, 2013
1) Hope That We Can Be Together Soon
2) Closer Than Close
3) Don't Let It Go to Your Head
4) My Love Don't Come Easy
5) Was That All It Was
6) What's Come over Me
7) Free Love
8) Do You Get Enough Love
9) Could It Be I'm Falling in Love f. Johnny Ingram
10) You Know How to Make Me Feel so Good f. Glenn Leonard
11) It's Alright with Me
12) One Million Miles from the Ground f. Glenn Leonard
13) My Baby Loves Me
14) Are We (So Far Apart) f. Glenn Leonard
15) Infant Eyes f. Glenn Leonard

Jean Carne: Give It up
Buy the CD from our CD Shop
US Society Hill CD, 2015
1) Give It Up
2) She's All Alone f. David Simmons
3) Bye Bye Baby
4) Infant Eyes f. Don Juan Ward
5) One Night Stand
6) Everybody Knows
7) My Baby Loves Me f. David Simmons
8) Spirit of Love
9) Come Home to Me
10) Life Keeps Going On

Recent compilations

Buy the CD from our CD Shop

Jean Carne: Collaborations
UK Expansion CD, 2002
1) I'm Back For More f. Al Johnson
2) Let's Stay Together f. Bobby M
3) Keep In Touch
4) Star Flower
5) Love Is Beautiful (When It's Right) - Universe
6) You Might Be Surprised
7) Holdin' On
8) Night Breeze
9) Valentine Love
10) Dindi
11) If You Don't Know Me By Now
12) Dreams Of Tomorrow
13) Mother of The Future
14) The Look Of Love
15) Good Thing Goin' On f. Billy Paul
16) Lean On Me f. Nathan Heathman
17) Trust Me

Jean Carne: Closer Than Close - The Best of
US Capitol CD, 1999
1) Valentine Love
2) Free Love
3) If You Wanna Go Back
4) Don't Let It Go To Your Head
5) There's A Shortage Of Good Men
6) Together Once Again
7) When I Find You Love
8) Intro/My Love Don't Come Easy
9) Was That All It Was
10) Sweet And Wonderful
11) I'm Back For More
12) Love Don't Love Nobody
13) If You Don't Know Me By Now
14) Completeness
15) Closer Than Close
16) Ain't No Way

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