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Lenny Williams Discography of Albums

Lenny Williams: Lenny Williams / Pray for the Lion
US Warner Bros 2797, 1974
CD reissue on US Wounded Bird, 2008
Buy the CD reissue from our CD Shop

1) Compared to What
2) Open Book
3) Sometimes Love
4) There's Always Mystery (When You're Making History)
5) We're Gonna See It Through
6) River
7) Problem Solver
8) All That's Love
9) Money
10) Keep on Keeping On

Lenny Williams: Rise Sleeping Beauty
US Motown LP M6-843S1, 1975
CD reissue on UK BBR, 2014
Buy the CD reissue from our CD Shop

1) Since I Met You
2) I'm a Pioneer
3) 'Cause I Love You
4) To Be a Star
5) Shame
6) Loving Station
7) Motion
8) Run on See What the Ends Gonna Be
9) Son of Thieves, Slaves and Braves
10) Rise Sleeping Beauty
11) Since I Met You (Single Version)

Lenny Williams: Choosing You
US ABC LP 1023, 1977
CD reissue on UK, 2014
Buy this album from our CD Shop

1) Shoo Doo Fu Fu Ooh!
2) Look Up With Your Mind
3) Choosing You
4) Riding The High Wire
5) Please Don't Tempt Me
6) I've Been Away For Too Long
7) Trust In Me
8) Problem Solver
Bonus Tracks on the CD reissue:
9) Choosing You (US Single Edit)
10) Choosing You (US Mono Version)
11) Shoo Doo Fu Fu Ooh! (US Mono Single)
12) Look Up With Your Mind (US Single Edit)

Lenny Williams: Spark of Love
US ABC LP 1023, 1977
CD reissue on UK, 2014
Buy this album from our CD Shop

1) I Still Reach Out
2) You Got Me Running
3) Midnight Girl
4) Think What We Have
5) 'Cause I Love You
6) Changes
7) Half Past Love
8) Love Came And Rescued Me
Bonus Tracks on the CD reissue:
9) You Got Me Running (US Single)
10) Midnight Girl (US Single)
11) I Still Reach Out (US Single B-side)

Lenny Williams: Love Current
US MCA 3155 LP, 1978
No CD reissue available

1) If You're In Need 6:07
2) When I'm Dancin' 4:49
3) Doing The Loop De Loop 4:55
4) Last Night I Dreamed 3:55
5) Love Hurt Me, Love Healed Me 3:56
6) Let's Talk It Over 5:30
7) Sweet Ecstasy 4:36
8) Here's To The Lady 3:49
9) Though We Love Once 4:01

Lenny Williams: Let's Do It Today
US MCA 5147 LP, 1980
No CD reissue available

1) Suspicions
2) Don't Stop Me Now
3) Let's Do It Today
4) Ooh Child
5) Messing With My Mind
6) Looks Like You Made It
7) Play With Me, Stay With Me (Lay With Me)
8) If You Don't Want My Love

Lenny Williams: Taking Chances
US MCA 5253 LP, 1981
No CD reissue available

1) Freefall (Into Love)
2) I'm Sorry
3) Where There's A Will There's A Way
4) The Way You Love Me
5) Responsible Man
6) Take A Long Last Look
7) Who's Gonna Love You
8) Standing In The Middle (Of A So Called Perfect Love Affair)
9) Taking Chances

Lenny Williams: Changing
US Rocshire XR9513 LP, 1984
No CD reissue available

1) Changing
2) Pressure
3) Always
4) Said You Wouldn't Leave Again
5) You Know What I Like
6) Where Do We Go From Here
7) Love Soldier
8) Problem Solver

Lenny Williams: New Episode
US Knobhill / Fantasy LP 9648, 1986
CD reissue available by the title Ten Ways of Loving You, US Volt 2002, including a bonus track Wait for Me
Buy this Vinyl album from our Online Shop

A 1) Episode 2) Ten Ways of Loving You 3) When I Need You 4) Love Will Come in Its Own Sweet Time 5) No More Lonely Nights
B 1) Waiting for Your Love 2) Woman 3) Our Love 4) I Will Follow You

Lenny Williams: Layin' In Wait
US Crush LP A 230-1, 1989
No CD reissue currently available
Buy this Vinyl album from our Online Shop

A 1) It's Time 2) Gotta Lotta Luv 3) Here's a Ticket 4) Get Loose
B 1) You Won My Heart 2) Who Do You Want 3) She's the One 4) Givin' up on Love

Lenny Williams: Chill
US Marathon / Bellmark CD 71012, 1994
1) Chill
2) Baby You Caught My Eye
3) Sarah Smile
4) Driftin'
5) Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now
6) It Could Have Been You
7) Has Anybody Seen My Heart
8) Baby Take It Off
9) No One's Ever Loved Me More
10) Sentimental
11) I Do
12) There's No Hiding Place

Lenny Williams: Love Therapy
US Volt 3417 CD, 2000
Buy the CD from our CD Shop

1) Your Sister - 4:46
2) Love Therapy - 4:44
3) Oh, Oh, Oh - 4:09
4) Next Door Neighbor - 4:47
5) Once a Player (Always a Player) - 4:22
6) Starlight - 3:51
7) Jody - 4:23
8) Anytime - 4:15
9) The Truth Hurts, Doesn't It - 4:06
10) I Was Made to Love Her - 4:04
11) 'Cause I Still Love You - 5:50

Lenny Williams: My Way
US Thump CD, 2004

1) Can't Nobody Do Me Like You
2) Loveland
3) Torn Between Two Lovers
4) My Way 5) So Very Hard To Go
6) I Can't Say I Love (Without You)
7) I Don't Want To Lose My "Sweet Thing"
8) Ride The Rhythm
9) One Word
10) Players Cry

Lenny Williams: It Must Be Love
US Outhink Media CD, 2007
Buy the CD from our CD Shop

1) Tuesday - 3:58
2) It Must Be Love - 4:17
3) I Be Missing You - 3:52
4) Somebody Else - 4:59
5) I Will Never Leave You - 4:06
6) Amen - 3:45
7) Can't Nobody Do Me Like You Do - 5:05
8) Torn Between Two Lovers - 5:26
9) Loveland - 3:51
10) I Can't Say I Love Without You - 5:32
11) You're My Everything - 4:47
12) I'm in Love Again - 4:02

Lenny Williams: Unfinished Business
US LenTom CD, 2009

1) Interlude
2) Sunday Afternoon
3) Amnesia
4) Six in the Morning
5) Sorry I Didn't Know It Was Yo Momma
6) I Love It
7) That's the Way It Is
8) I Can't Stop Loving You
9) Tonight
10) Somebody
11) Cheatin on the Cheatin
12) Cause I Love You

Lenny Williams: Still in the Game
US Bridie Ridge, 2012

1) Still
2) This Is For The One That Got Away
3) Where Did Our Love Go
4) Happy Man
5) Stepping and Dancing
6) Sunshine
7) In My Mind
8) Grown Man
9) On This Day (feat. Kirk Whalum)
10) Make Love
11) Good Girl
12) I'm Sorry I Didn't Know It Was Your Mama

Plus numerous compilations, not listed here.

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