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Soul Express Album of the Month - January 2005

Wrote This Song

US PaLance Records 2004
Wrote This Song - When It's Done - I'll Follow You - On My Mind - I Found It In You - Majesty Reigns - Tribulation - Kingdom - Nine Eleven - No Longer Run

Let's not beat about the bush with Lori Perry. I personally think that Lori is one of THE greatest and most distinctive voices of our time, and is nothing short of a classy, sophisticated Lady. Her delivery is so akin to Anita Baker, but with more jazz influences and to me is far superior. I have always rated this Lady and I cannot rate this album enough. Lori collaborates with the mighty George Duke on this gospel set and the pair weave some real magic that it would put Harry Potter to shame! This sees a mixture of programming and real instrumentation and Lori's distinctive, sophisticated vocals really gel the whole thing together elegantly.
Needless to say that track one, "Wrote This Song", sets the very high standard and opens the gateway to some real gems. This jazzy, bouncy piano spiced effort really would not be out of place on either a Perri or George Duke CD. Splendid, as is the more downtempo "When Its Done" which is a reflective piece with lyrics and music by no less that Ricky Lawson. The grittier "I'll Follow You" adds some more weight and has some great slap bass courtesy of Jason Nitti. I found the jazzy "On My Mind" reminiscent of something that Al Jarreau may turn his hand to along with Jay Graydon.
This chirpy number is followed by a late 80s sounding Perri styled swayer called "I Found It In You" - this style is straight from the same set, "I'm The One", that gave us the great "Upside Down".
My KILLER cut on here is the ESSENTIAL "Majesty Reigns" which is very close in style to the superb Paul Laurence produced "Feels So Good" from the Motown Soundtrack "Do The Right Thing" back in 1989. I cannot recommend this brilliant song enough. I get shivers down my body when Lori rips into the song with her soaring and heavenly vocals. This inspirational and uplifting song can do nothing but raise your spirits and is testament to the sheer talent of Lori, the musicians and her faith. The backing vocals and haunting synths really, really make this something so, so special. Thank God that music like this is still available to buy today. I have worn holes in this CD over Christmas playing this track alone and it will be loved and enjoyed for a long time to come. I can see me loving this song, without question, in 20 years time.
How do you follow that? Well, its a tough job but "Tribulation" with moody and Stevie Wonder moog-styled groove works nicely thank you very much. Another classy moment is granted us with the cheerful and Perri-ish "Kingdom". Lori does not overlook the terrible events of 9/11 and there is a song that is very personal to Lori contained on here. I think that we all know where we were and what we were doing at that time. Her experiences and thoughts match millions o f others and her sentiments towards society really is spot on. What is wrong with saying 'hello' to people. In the words of the great Ivan Lins, I guess some people never learn.
The final song is a statement of faith and we know where Lori is now at. She feels at home and she certainly sounds comfortable there. With a set as great and essential as this I can only recommend that you take a visit to CD Baby and make a purchase. I cannot recommend the CD enough - simply for "Majesty Reigns" alone. - Barry Towler

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