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The Soul Express Album of the Month

February 2000

That's For Sure
US Private Music / Windham Hill, 2000
1) 2nd Time Around 2) Kreepin' 3) That's For Sure 4) I'll Do It All For Love 5) Can't Find An Easy Way 6) Soft And Slow 7) Work That Body 8) Call My Name 9) Come With Me 10) All My Money 11) Was It Something I Said 12) Love Ballad
That's For Sure is the first proper album that Jeffrey Osborne has released in a decade, his last being Only Human back in 1990. Having always rated this man as one of the masters of the real and true R'n'B craft it is with much excitement that the gentleman raises the soul standard once again and declares that once again SOUL is back. OK, it may be under attack, and is almost on the verge of extinction, but labels such as Windham Hill on the scene the fightback for REAL R'n'B in this new century starts here! The album should win over new fans as well as keep long-time followers more than happy. The voice is strong, impassioned and dramatic as it ever was and it seems to me that the vocals from this singer have been aching to ply themselves to some deserving material such as on this 100% essential set.
My favourites are, as you may expect, ballads and midtempo tappers ( which is the backbone of this CD ), the CREAM of this well selected crop is the GORGEOUS beat ballad Soft And Slow, kicking off in its Isley Brothers' Summer Breeze fashioned riff. Jeffrey's voice matches perfectly to the soulful, sexy groove of this song, and should do the business for the more soulful devotees of The Lowdown. This song is followed closely by Was It Something I Said which cannot be sneezed at either for its glory.
The title cut and I'll Do It For Love are excellent ballads also, following two meaty and modern thumpers that does soulful uptempo music more justice. Ex-Motowner Darryl Duncan delivers a dancer that harks back to the early '90s soulful Swingbeat sound; an odd inclusion, but is nonetheless superb and Mr. Osborne does the job well.
A good album, then? You best. That's definitely for sure!!!

The review by Barry Towler exclusively for RECORD CORNER, which is one of the leading soul shops in the world. The review is not featured in our printed issue.

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