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Syl Johnson Discography

(Compiled by Heikki Suosalo. Acknowledgements to Messrs. Kevin R. Carter and Dave Porter, Matt Starr, Hitoshi Takasawa, Aarno Alen, Juhani Ritvanen, Jouni Saari and Pekka Talvenmäki. Additions and corrections welcome).

Read the Syl Johnson from Soul Express issue 3/1997, which is available at only 5,00 euros including P&P in Europe! The magazine is available at our CD shop and you can pay by credit card or PayPal.


(label # / titles / Billboard placings: r&b/pop / year) Federal 12358) Teardrops/They Who Love '59
12374) I've Got Love/Lonely Man '60
12435) I've Just Got To Find My Baby/I Just Gotta Make Her Mine '61
12454) Little Sally Walker/I Resign From Your Love '62
12474) I Wanna Know/Well Oh Well
12476) Please Please Please/I'm Looking For My Baby
TMP-Ting 115) I've Got To Get Over/Falling In Love Again '65
Zachron 600) Straight Love, No Chaser/Surrounded (also Tag Ltd. 1) '66
Special Agent 200) Do You Know What Love Is/The Love I Found In You '67
Twilight 100) Come On Sock It To Me/Try Me (12/97)
103) Different Strokes/Sorry Bout Dat (17/95)
Twinight 106) Ode To Soul Man/I'll Take Those Skinny Legs '68
107) Send Me Some Loving/I'll Resign
108) I Feel An Urge/Try Me (different from 100-b)
110) Dresses Too Short/I Can Take Care Of Business (36)
116) I Can Take Care Of Homework/Take Me Back '69
118) Don't Give It Away/Going To The Shack
125) Is It Because I'm Black/Let Them Hang High (11/68)
129) Concrete Reservation/Together, Forever (29) '70
134) One Way Ticket To Nowhere/Kiss By Kiss (24/125)
144) Thank You Baby/We Do It Together '71
149) Get Ready/Same Kind Of Thing (34)
151) Annie's Got Hot Pants Power, pt.1/pt.2 (instr.)
155) That's Why/Everybody Needs Love '72
Hi 2201) The Love You Left Behind/Anyone But You (43) '71
2215) I Wanna Satisfy Your Every Need/Age Ain't Nothing But A Number '72
2229) We Did It/Anyway The Wind Blows (23/95)
2250) Back For A Taste Of Your Love/Wind Blow Her Back My Way (16/72) '73
2260) I'm Yours/Anyone But You (68) '74
2269) Let Yourself Go/Please Don't Give Up On Me (54)
2275) I Want To Take You Home (To See Mama)/I Hear The Love Chimes (40)
2285) Take Me To The River/Could I Be Falling In Love (7/48) '75
2295) I Only Have Love/Come On Home (15)
2304) Star Bright, Star Lite/That's Just My Luck (89) '76
2308) 'Bout To Make Me Leave Home/It Ain't Easy (94)
77507) Fonk You/That Wiggle '77
77517) Stand By Me/Main Squeeze '78
79529) Mystery Lady/Let's Dance For Love
Shama 1235) Goodie-Goodie-Good Times/Love Baby (93) '77
1236) Can't Nobody Stop Me Now/Let Me Love You
1237) Bring Out The Blues In Me/How You Need To Be Loved '80
1239) Dream Of A Lifetime/All The Way To The Top '81
1241) Ms. Fine Brown Frame/You Don't Have To Go (also on Erect '82 and Boardwalk 99904 (60) )
1242) Steppin'/Suicide Blues '83
1244) I Got Your Beef / John, Muddy, Bob & Marvin
801) Gimme Some


(by single #, a = a-side, b = b-side + non-single sides)

Twinight 1001) DRESSES TOO SHORT ('69)
Soul Drippin'
Fox Hunting On The Weekend
Same Kind Of Thing
I've Got The Real Thing

Twinight 1002) IS IT BECAUSE I'M BLACK ('70)
Come Together
Black Balloons
Walk A Mile In My Shoes
I'm Talkin' About Freedom
Right On

I Let A Good Girl Go
You Don't Know Me
Feelin' Frisky
I Hate I Walked Away

Hi 32085) DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH ('74)
Don't Do It
Stuck In Chicago
Diamond In The Rough
Keeping Down Confusion
Music To My Ears

Hi32096) TOTAL EXPLOSION ('75)
Bustin' Up Or Bustin' Out
Watch What You Do To Me
Steppin' Out

Cream 6010) UPTOWN SHAKEDOWN ('78)
Gimme Little Sign
You're The Star Of The Show
Blue Water
Who's Gonna Love You
Otis Redding Medley

Shama 8001
Flyright 569) BRINGS OUT THE BLUES IN ME ('80)
Last Night Was The Night
Got My Eyes On You
Liberated Lady
Sock It To Me
Is It Because I'm Black
Crazy People

Boardwalk 33260) MS. FINE BROWN FRAME ('82)
Keep On Loving Me
They Can't See Your Good Side
Groove Me
Sweet Thing
It Ain't Easy

Isabel 900.517) SUICIDE BLUES ('83)
Medley: If I Had A Hammer & This Little Light Of Mine & Amen & Baby Workout
Before You Accuse Me
Take Me To The River
The Blues In Me
Sock It To Me
Got To Make A Change
Crazy Man

Shama 8003) FOXY BROWN, vol.1 ('88) as Sylvester Johnson
Tripping On Your Love
Love Baby
Here We Go
Gimme Some (I Want A Taste Of Fonk)
Do You Know What Love Is
Foxy Brown
They Can't See Your Good Side
Ms. Fine Brown Frame

Delmark 674) BACK IN THE GAME ('94)
Back In The Game
I Like Your Style
I Can't Stop
Please Don't Give Up On Me
Keep On Loving Me
Take Me To The River
Ghetto Woman
Watch What You Do To Me
Dipped In The Water (with Syleena Thompson)
Driving Wheel
Anyway The Wind Blows
Clean Up Man
I Will Rise Again
All Of Your Love

Mardi Gras 1001) SYL & SYLEENA JOHNSON - This Time Together By Father And Daughter ('95)
Blues Song
Lover Man
Sweet Love Hang Over
Keep On Loving Me
I Needed Some Body
They Can't See Your Good Side
A Time For Us
Ms. Fine Brown Frame
I'm Woman
Different Strokes
Piece Of The Rock
Here We Go
Goodie Goodie Good Times

Antone's Records ANT 0041) BRIDGE TO A LEGAXY ('98)
Who's Still In Love
I Been Missin' U (with Jonny Lang)
Half A Love (with Syleena Johnson)
Unconditional Love
Midnight Woman
Piece Of The Rock
I Don't Know Why
Let's Get It On Again
They Can't See Your Good Side
Sexy Wayz

TALKIN' BOUT CHICAGO (Delmark, DE-729; '99)
Come On With It
Sweet Dynamite!
Talkin' Bout Chicago
Diff'rent Strokes
I'm Back Into You
Different Kind Of Man
Caribbean Beach
Get Free-Call Me
Trade Secret
Finger Lickin' Good
All Night Long

HANDS OF TIME (Hep' Me, H0082CD; '99)
Tell Me In The Morning
Hands Of Time
Beyond The Finish Line
Talk To Me
Wake Up Cryin'
You're Number One
Listen To Me Closely
Touch Of Your Love
Funky Situation
Bonus: Wake Up Cryin'

Jimmy & Syl Johnson
Two Johnsons Are Better Than One
Uncomplicated Life
I Used To Be A Millionaire
Is It Because I'm Black
If I Wuz White
I Feel The Pain
Ashes In The Ashtray
Let Her Go
Living The Life
I Can't Survive
Goodie Goodie Goodtime
Bottoms Up

V.A.: VANTHOLOGY (Evidence, ECD 26128-2), 2003
Jackie Wilson Said

SYL JOHNSON with MELODY WHITTLE (Twinight, 4086-CD2), 2013
Featuring Syleena Johnson

* Syl Johnson's solo
** Melody Whittle's solo
*** Syleena Johnson's solo

I'm With You Too / The Thrill Is Gone / Mr. Invisible (**) / Just Make Love To You / There'll Come A Time (***) / Goodie Goodie Good Times / Can't Nobody Stop Me Now / Mellow Down Easy / I'm Just A Freak For You / Turn Back The Hands Of Time (Short Edit) (**) / Is It Because I'm Black (*) / Ms. Fine Brown Frame (*) / Different Strokes (*) / Forever (*) / Loving On The Run (*) / Baby I'm Scared Of You

+ numerous compilations (Charly, P-Vine etc.) and CD-reissues.

Compiled by Heikki Suosalo for Soul Express magazine. Acknowledgements to Juhani Laikkoja, Sepi Leinonen, Markku Pyykkönen, Jouni Saari and Pekka Talvenmäki.

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