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Soul Express CD Review

Tata Vega: Full Speed Ahead CD
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Full Speed Ahead

CD reissue by BBR (UK, 2011)
The original album on Tamla, 1976

Full Speed Ahead - Try Love From The Inside - Never Had A Dream Come True - Just When Things Are Getting Good - Been On My Own Too Long (In The Wilderness) - Love Is All You Need - Music In My Heart - Keep It Coming - Just As Long As There Is You - Try God - BONUS TRACKS - Full Speed Ahead (unreleased disco version) - Sunshine Man (Earthquire feat. Tata Vega) - Soul Eyes (Earthquire feat. Tata Vega)

Tata Vega's much-waited-upon CD release of her debut album for Tamla in 1976 comes courtesy of David Nathan's imprint and comes fully loaded with three essential bonus songs: a previously unreleased Disco mix of the title track, and two earlier releases as part of Earthquire. These have never seen the light of day on CD so it's a real boon to have them tagged onto this set. We can hear many influences on a early Tata Vega here - and fans of Chaka Khan and Rufus will hear a direct comparison with the superbly mastered "Try Love From The Inside". Upbeat and string-laded is the title track with a strong dancefloor approach with more than a sprinkle of the Philadelphia sound thrown in for good measure. Amazing, having not played this for years, how undated this sounds. A lot of today's releases won't be able to boast that after 35 years.

The dreamy, string-filled "Just When Things Are Getting Good" is a typical well-written and produced ballad from the genius soul of Al Johnson, an artist that should have been given an earlier chance with Motown. The brassy "Love Is All You Need" funks up the line-up and the loose, lush-stringed "Music In My Heart" more akin to a Syreeta set perhaps and the feel-good "Keep It Coming" rolls on gently too towards the beautifull Philly-like "Just As Long As There Is You" which is essential. The earlier 1972 material, "Sunshine Man" and "Soul Eyes", are a real plus, and it's no wonder why Berry Gordy kept hold of this fine Lady once the group disbanded! Right then...let's be having the "Try My Love" set next please...

-Barry Towler

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