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Soul Express Album Review

(US Ispy Soul, 2007)
1) Expressions (Intro) 2) I Got Love 3) Heartbreak Paradise 4) So Addicted 5) Pick Up The Pieces 6) No Need To Rush 7) Dark Cloud (Feat U-Nam) 8) Back To Loving You 9) Without You 10) The Way You Are 11) Wishing You Were Mine 12) Expressions (Outro)

There is something so satisfying about any new product from Ty Causey. I will not wax lyrical too much as I have spoken enough regarding his first two sets, but there is one thing that needs saying about "Expressions" and is it is his best, most solid and most consistent set to date. There is a pure and simple consistency to Ty's songs and his vocals. Perfect symbiosis is paramount, and the smooth flowing arrangements are spiced up a lot by the drizzling of additional real instruments such as flute, piano and bluesy guitar. Also, in places the directions that the vocals take are almost on par with the more expansive delivery of the late, great Carl Anderson.

As I said, this is a solid set so every track is a winner for me. As far as standout tracks go, I would firstly suggest that you head to CD Baby and try out "Back To Loving You" which would definitely appeal to lovers of the UK sound. This should be a massive hit on UK stations such as Solar. "The Way You Are" is pure velvet. The sexy sax, the tinkling piano and soulful backing vocals are great, but are really treated to some extra specialness with a subtle, understated synth which is simply haunting.

Furthermore, I am finding that Ty's lyrics are becoming stronger and deeper. These words are coming from the pen of someone who has great way with lyrics, and songs such as "Dark Cloud" (which also features the awesome U-Nam) contain real poetic elements. The histrionics involved with much of today's R&B is not at all present here. Lines such as "I can live without snow in December, live with all the rain in June, as long as your heart remembers I will be so empty without you, 'cos living without you is like living on a dark cloud". You won't get this level of brainwork from the new Tank album, I'll tell you that for nothing!

Indeed, "Heartbreak Paradise" is similarly crafted in a beautiful way. Here is a man who has a brain and knows how to craft a great song and a warm, comfortable rhythm to boot. With the other standout, "Wishing You Were Mine", I find the use of soulful flute spot-on. This onanistic ditty belies the melancholic mood of the song and perfectly describes the love one may have for someone else - someone you may not be able to have. Anyone in this position knows how bitter sweet a feeling this is, and sometimes it is only in the realms of fantasy that we have some recompense. Ty perfectly captures this.

And so the album goes. I can honestly say that you will not be disappointed with "Expressions". It's a very heartfelt detailed piece of soul music and should be appreciated by anyone who appreciates quality music. I sincerely hope that the man get greater and greater exposure through this CD. A must have for lovers of quality time soul music.
- Barry Towler

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