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Soul Express Article

By Heikki Suosalo

The Tymes Single and Album Discography

The complete Tymes Story including an interview with Al "Caesar" Berry and the discography

Click here for the Part 1 Ė The Parkway Period

Click here for the Part 2 Ė 1969-1997

On this page: The discography


(label # / titles (Billboard # r&b/pop) / year)
Note: all recordings on Parkway
871) So Much In Love (# 1/4) / Roscoe James McClain; Ď63
884) Wonderful! Wonderful! (# 7/23) / Come With Me To The Sea
891) Somewhere (# 19/-) / View From My Window
908) To Each His Own (# 78/-) / Wonderland Of Love (# 124/-); Ď64
919) The Magic Of Our Summer Love (# 99/-) / With All My Heart
924) Here She Comes (# 92/-) / Malibu
933) The Twelfth Of Never / Here She Comes; rel. also with Anymore

13536) Street Talk / Pretend; Ď66
13631) A Touch Of Baby / Hidden Shores
(note: a DJ copy with a flip called What Would I Do)

1002) This Time Itís Love / These Foolish Things; Ď67

44630) People (# 33/39) / For Love Of Ivy; Ď68
44799) The Love That Youíre Looking For / God Bless The Child; Ď69
44917) If You Love Me Baby / Find My Way
45078) Love Child / Most Beautiful Married Lady: Ď70
45336) Sheís Gone / Someone To Watch Over Me; Ď71
(as the Tymes feat. George Williams)

10022) You Little Trustmaker (# 20/12) / North Hills; Ď74
10128) Ms. Grace (# 75/91) / The Crutch
10244) Someway, Somehow Iím Keepiní You / Interloop; Ď75
(note: released also with the long version of SomewayÖ on the flip)
10422) Godís Gonna Punish You / If I Canít Make You Smile
10561) Itís Cool (# 3/68) / Good Morning Dear Lord; Ď76
(note: rel. also with the long version of Itís Cool on the flip)
10713) Only Your Love / Goiní Through The Motions
10862) Loveís Illusion / Savannah Sunny Sunday
11136) How Am I To Know / Iíll Take You There; Ď77
(note: rel. on 11068 as a maxi single with ďVersion IIĒ on the flip)

104) Ms. Grace; Ď80
(note: May I by Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs on the flip)
268) So Much In Love; Ď89
(note: Misty by Lloyd Price on the flip)


(Title / label # / Billboard placing (r&b/pop) / chart run (r&b) / year
SO MUCH IN LOVE (Parkway P-7032) # 15, 20 weeks; 1963
Alone/My Summer Love/Wonderful! Wonderful!/That Old Black Magic/Letís Make Love Tonight/Goodnight My Love//So Much In Love/You Asked Me To Be Yours/The Twelfth Of Never/Way Beyond Today/Summer Day/Autumn Leaves
THE SOUND OF THE WONDERFUL TYMES (Parkway P-7038) # 117, 10 weeks; 1963
Wonderful Wonderful/Blue Velvet/One Little Kiss/Hello Young Lovers/Come With Me To The Sea/The Way You Look Tonight//Words Written On Water/And That Reminds Me/Chances Are/I Thank You/Address Unknown/Moonlight Cocktails
SOMEWHERE (Parkway P-7039) # 122, 4 weeks; 1964
Somewhere/Stranger In Paradise/Letís Fall In Love Tonight/The Lamp Is Low/There Is Love/Night Time//Will You Wait For Me/Anymore/Till The End Of Time/Come With Me To The Sea/Why Should I Cry/Sleep Tight My Darling
NOTE: includes a bonus single, Iím Always Chasing Rainbows/Isle Of Love
18 GOLDEN HITS (Parkway P-7049); 1965
So Much In Love/That Old Black Magic/My Summer Love/Sleep Tight My Darling/Letís Make Love Tonight/Goodnight, My Love (Pleasant Dreams)/I Thank You/The Twelfth Of Never/You Asked Me To Be Yours//Wonderful Wonderful/Way Beyond Today/View From My Window/Come With Me To The Sea/Summer Day/Alone/One Little Kiss/Will You Wait For Me/Anymore

PEOPLE (Columbia 9778); 1969
The Look Of Love/Alfie & For Once In My Life/The Love That Youíre Looking For (Ainít Gonna Find It Here)/For Love Of Ivy/City/Wichita Lineman//People/The Way Of The Crowd/Those Were The Days/God Bless The Child/Make Someone Happy
TRUSTMAKER (RCA Victor 0727), # 46/205; 6 weeks; 1974
Someway, Somehow Iím Keepiní You/The Crutch/Miss Grace/Are You Lookiní//So Much In Love/The Sha-La Bandit/Innerloop!/North Hills/You Little Trustmaker
TYMES UP (RCA Victor 1072), # 40/202; 6 weeks; 1976
Only Your Love/Itís Cool/If I Canít Make You Smile/Godís Gonna Punish You//Hypnotized/Goiní Through The Motions/To The Max(Imum)/Good Morning Dear Lord
TURNING POINT (RCA 1835); 1976
Itís So Good To Be Waking Up With You/All You Ever Wanted To Know About Love/I Need You And Your Kind Of Loving/Thatís The Breaks Of Love/Youth Is Wasted On The Young//Traces Of You/Loveís Illusion/Savannah Sunny Sunday/The Reader/Tuning Into You
Who, What, When, Where, Why/I Canít Explain (Whatís Happening)/It Wasnít The Right Time/As Time Goes By (The Hurt Will Disappear)//How Am I To Know/Girl, You Blew It/Iíll Take You There (I Donít Care If Itís January)/Kunta Kinte (He Dug His Roots)
GREAT SOUL HITS (Koch 7983); 1997
Itís Cool/Only Your Love/You Little Trustmaker/The Sha-La Bandit/Ms. Grace/Godís Gonna Punish You/Goiní Thru The Motions/If I Canít Make You Smile/Someway, Somehow Iím Keepiní You/Hypnotized/Good Morning Dear Lord/So Much In Love

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BEST OF 1963-1964 (Abkco); 2005
1) So Much in Love - 2:21 2) Wonderful! Wonderful! - 2:53 3) Come with Me to the Sea - 2:27 4) Stranger in Paradise - 2:30 5) Malibu - 2:33 6) Words Written on Water - 2:20 7) Anymore - 2:16 8) Somewhere - 2:11 9) Here She Comes - 2:23 10) Hello Young Lovers - 2:39 11) Way Beyond Today - 2:29 12) One Little Kiss - 2:32 13) Address Unknown - 2:37 14) Wonderland of Love - 2:13 15) To Each His Own - 2:36 16) Chances Are - 2:12 17) My Summer Love - 2:44 18) The Magic of Our Summer Love - 2:12 19) The Lamp Is Low - 2:20 20) And That Reminds Me - 2:23 21) View from My Window - 2:20 22) Goodnight My Love - 2:05

-Heikki Suosalo

Send additions/corrections to this discography: postmaster @

Click here for the Part 1 Ė The Parkway Period

Click here for the Part 2 Ė 1969-1997

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