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The Soul Express Album of the Month

Ali Ollie Woodson, photo courtesy of Junco Fujita.
Take a look at Junco's
Ali Ollie Woodson site.

December 2001

Expansion, 2001
1) Turn Out The Stars 2) Angel 3) Drama In The Bedroom 4) Power Of A Woman 5) Whatever It Takes 6) Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow 7) Deeper Love 8) Get Next To You 9) Love's Not All 10) Believe That 11) Never Give Up 12) Down The Line 13) Love Is Slipping Away 14) Right Here All Along
Produced by Preston Glass, Sanchez Harley, Al Mc Kay, Wyman Brown, Keith Rice, Philip French and Tim Carmon
The former Temptations lead singer Ali Ollie Woodson is one of the top-notch soul vocalists that I would quite happily listen to singing his way through a telephone directory.
On this album one does not even have to do that, as most of the material is more than satisfactory, with songs like the quite pretty slow ballad opener Turn Out The Stars or the similar Right Here All Along and Down The Line. The gritty midtempo Believe That also has its moments.
However, were I to build a personal Top 5 from this album it would consist of songs like the bright midtempo Power Of A Woman, the subtle, sensuous and slightly Oriental-sounding slow groove ballad Deeper Love and the somewhat similar Get Next To You plus the brisk and dynamic midtempo jogger Love's Not All.
And the song that would top my chart would definitely be the classic, bittersweet midtempo soul melody Drama In The Bedroom, which is given a great vocal interpretation by the the extremely soulful Mr. Woodson. (8 1/2) -PKi

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