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Deep Soul column 5/2016 (December 2016)
starring interview with Robert Finley
and featuring CD reviews of the latest CDs by Theo Huff, Lee Fields and Chazz Dixon

The Ebonys - Interview

The album of the month:
Gregory Porter: Take Me to the Alley

Deep Soul column 4/2016 (August 2016)
starring interview with Percy Wiggins
and featuring CD reviews of the latest CDs by William Bell, Eddie Levert and Will Downing

Prince Phillip Mitchell - Part 3 (1977-2016)

Prince Phillip Mitchell - Part 2 (1970-1976)

Leo Graham 1941 - 2016 R.I.P.
Read our interview with Leo Graham!

The album of the month:
Miki Howard: Live in Concert

Deep Soul column 3/2016 (May 2016)
starring interview with Bettye LaVette
and introducing Greg Watson

Deep Soul column 2/2016 (March 2016)
featuring interview with L.J. Reynolds of The Dramatics
and introducing new member Lavel Jackson

Prince Phillip Mitchell - Interview

Deep Soul column 1/2016 (January 2016)
featuring interview with Will Porter

The Soul Album of the Year in 2015:
Terisa Griffin: Revival of Soul

Derek Martin - Interview

Willie Walker - Interview

Photo courtesy of Dave Thomas

The Album of the Month:
Eliane Elias: Made in Brazil

Eliane Elias and Marc Johnson photography by Roy Borghouts, from

Deep Soul column 7/2015 (October 2015)
featuring interview with Toni Green

Introducing the new crown prince of soul revival
Theo Huff

Deep Soul column 6/2015 (August 2015)
Porretta Soul Festival 2015 featuring interview with David Hudson

Deep Soul column 5/2015 (July 2015)
featuring interviews with Bunny Sigler, Gerald Alston and Reuben James Richards

Deep Soul column 4/2015 (June 2015)
featuring interviews with Billy Price, Otis Clay and Will Downing

A Tribute to Mighty Sam McClain

Deep Soul column 3/2015 (May 2015)
featuring interviews with Naturally 7 and Garnet Mimms

Deep Soul column 2/2015 (April 2015)
featuring interviews with Vel Omarr and Ruby Turner

Our Latest Deep Soul column 1/2015 (January 2015)
featuring an interview with Bettye LaVette

Deep Soul column 6/2014 (December 2014)
featuring an interview with Ruby Turner, Carla Benson and Larome Powers

Recent CD reissues of classic soul albums:

Lenny Williams Album Discography
- many of his early albums now reissued on CD!

The Album of the Month:
Jennifer Holliday's comeback album The Song Is You

Keni Burke's 1981-1982 albums reissued:

Billy Paul Album Discography
- many of his albums now available on CD!

An Interview with Oliver Cheatham (R.I.P)
November 2, 2013

An Interview with David Hudson
at Porretta Soul Festival

Interview with Toni Green

Commodores Album Discography
- many classic funk albums now available as CD reissues!

Mitty Collier Part 2 - feat. fresh interview & full discography!

Mitty Collier Part 1 - feat. fresh interview & full discography!

Full Album Discography of Jean Carne:

Now also readable online:

1993 Interview with Latimore

Full Album Discography of Latimore now online:

Tyrone Davis: In the Mood

Tyrone Davis: In the Mood

Reissued from the original master tapes!

Teena Marie: Lady T

Teena Marie Album Discography

Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes

Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes Album Discography


R.I.P. Marvin Junior of the Dells

Goerge Jackson R.I.P.

Soul Express Album of the Month:

Robin McKelle: Soul Flower

- "The most important soul album in 2012"

The latest reissue CDs now in stock:

Back in stock!

David Ruffin: Unreleased

David Ruffin: David (The Unreleased Album)

Soul Express Album of the Month:

Victor Haynes; From the Bottom of My Heart CD cover

Victor Haynes: From the Bottom of My Heart

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Michael Henderson CD

Michael Henderson Full Album Discography

Michael Henderson: Slingshot CD Reissue Review

Michael Henderson Live on Stage 2011 pictures!

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