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ISSUE 3/2000

Available from our Soul Express CD Shop at 5 euros including postage!

No. 3 / 2000


  • Vintage Quality Time Picks
    This opens our new series of Classic Quality Soul cut reviews, featuring tracks by Anita Baker, Michael Henderson, Emotions, Miki Howard, Keni Burke etc. Please send your own suggestions to Vintage Quality Time tunes to our email address.
  • The Soul Scale
    Excellent new albums by Rachelle Ferrell and Fertile Ground are our picks of the issue, and despite some contrary views, we also appreciate Will Downing's new approach on Motown label.
    This issue also contains reviews of the new Dells CD by three different columnists, and all three seem to agree that the album Reminiscing is yet another great comeback from the legendary vocal group.

  • Soul Express proudly introduces: DERICK HUGHES
    As our editor puts it, the only reason Derick Hughes cannot be nominated as the male newcomer of the year is that he's not really a newcomer, although he released his first (solo) CD this year. Derick - the son of veteran soul throat Freddie Hughes - was introduced to the record buying public by Norman Connors on his Mr. C album back in 1981, when Derick duetted a song with Jean Carn. Later in th 80s Derick recorded solo albums for both Motown and Prince's NPG label, but nothing was ever released. Now Derick's career is in full swing, having released the critically acclaimed debut set All for Love on his own label, and later joined the legendary soul/ funk aggregate Tower of Power, for which Derick now sings the lead vocals.
  • PHYLLIS HYMAN - Album by album , track by track...
    There is hardly any other 70s/80s female soul singer whose recording material has been as exhaustively reissued as Phyllis Hyman. There still seems to be a new Phyllis Hyman compilation released every other month. Now, let's forget about the myriad compilations - which are also listed in our Phyllis Hyman Album Discography, and concentrate on the official album releases, all of which are reviewed track by track in this 6-page article.
  • Jazz-Funk
    According to our jazz-funk specialist, the killer jazz-funk album of the year was still waiting for us last September, but there were some quite good contenders to get into: Alfonzo Blackwell, Boney James/Rick Braun and the Naked Music compilation Carte Blanche Vol. 1 get the highest scores this time.
  • THE DRAMATICS STORY - Part 4 (1982-2000)
    The final part of the The Dramatics story covers the last two decades, including the solo albums by L.J. Reynolds and Ron Banks. Again, 8 pages including the comments by the group members themselves, and a full discography. Do not miss!
  • Deep
    The main event in the deep scene lately has been the new Volt albums by the Dells and Lenny Williams, but also new sets by The Contours, Willie Clayton, Wilson Meadows, Stan Mosley, Barbara Lynn, Denise LaSalle, Ronnie Lovejoy, Irma Thomas, Vickie Baker and Hardway Connection are reviewed. The telephone chats with Walter B. Moorehead, Pat Brown and Patrick Green complete the deep column.
  • Upfront Soul
    Brenda Russell's new set Paris Rain should please at least the old admirers of the acclaimed singer-songwriter, while Theo Peoples shows there's still life after Temptations by releasing a solid debut solo CD and proves he really is one of the best soul throats in the current soul scene. Darwin Hobbs latest set is a more than interesting soul-gospel album, featuring tracks produced by Tommy Sims, and Lenny Williams' Volt release is a pleasant surprise.

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