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ISSUE 1/2002

Available from our Soul Express CD Shop at 5 euros including postage!

No. 1 / 2002


  • Albums of the Year
    Our contributors' choices for the best soul albums in 2002.


    Tim Kepler's debut set From Folsom to Forgiven gained two nominations in the top albums of the year listings of Soul Express contributors in 2000. Also, Tim's spirited, sax-drenched soul swayer Love, Trust & Obey was the number 5 pick of our Quality Time countdown of the best tracks in 2000. Now it's time to introduce Tim to our readers with an exclusive interview.
    Also visit the excellent Tim Kepler website at

  • The Soul Scale
    The soul year 2002 started with some excellent new releases by The Dramatics, Kathleen Bertrand (her second set No Regrets is our Album of the Issue) Jaguar Wright, Nichelle and Denise Stewart. Instead, our critics found the latest efforts by Joe, Beverley Knight and Alexander O'Neal rather disappointing.

  • Jazz-Funk
    Swedish group Koop surprises our jazz-funk columnist with their innovative Waltz for Koop set. Also, the new CD's by Bob Baldwin, Walter Beasley, Marc Moulin and Femi Kuti get favourable reviews.

  • THE DRAMATICS TODAY - The Dramatics Story part 5
    We had a 4-part story of The Dramatics in our issues 4/99 - 3/00, and now Heikki Suosalo updates the story with this 5th part which reports about the new albums, a movie and a book. Read all about it in this 3-page article.

  • Let the Music put You on KLOUD 9
    - An Interview with KLOUD 9

    An interview with the twins who have created probably the most exciting new album of the year 2002 so far: Kelvis & Kendall Duffie of Kloud 9. Read about their own influences, their all-time favourite tunes, the story behind their glorious debut set and its guest artists (Incognito, Karen Bernod, Kirk Whalum, Donald Hayes).
    The album, titled On Kloud 9, is our album of the month in May, the review now being available on our Website.

  • Quality Time Top 50 of 2001
    The top 50 countdown of the most precious quality soul gems in 2001. The previous number ones of our yearly countdown have been:
    In 1992: I Want You Back by SINCLAIR
    In 1993: In Your Mind by VESTA
    In 1994: Answering Service by GERALD LEVERT
    In 1995: Killer Blues by COZETTE MORGAN
    In 1996: You'd Better Believe by OLA
    In 1997: Diamond in Me by CHRIS WILLIS
    In 1998: I Have to by VESTA
    In 1999: Fever by III FRUM THA SOUL
    In 2000: Take Time by LEDISI
    So, who was the number one artist in 2001? Do NOT miss!

  • Deep
    Introducing The Vintage Group and Eddie Leon, plus telephone interviews with Ray, Goodman & Brown and Freddie Gorman of The Originals. The CD newies reviewed this timealso include Betty Wright, G.C. Cameron, Quinn Golden, Peggy Scott-Adams and many other interesting albums by veteran soulsters.

  • Upfront Soul
    The number one heroine of the "neo-soul" genre, Ledisi, is back with an album that takes her even further to the jazz than her exquisite debut set Soulsinger. The review of Ledisi's wonderful sophomore set Feeling Orange but Sometimes Blue also on our Website!
    Other delights in our Upfront soul column feature new CD's by Angela Stribling, C-Nario, Maurice J and Betty Wright.

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